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Greetings from beautiful Edmonds!  This was my sunrise this morning.  🙂

In case anyone out there was wondering about how I fell in love so fast and got engaged so quickly or why I’d enter in to a committed relationship with a man across the country,  I’d just like to share this Facebook status from my love this morning.  If you know me at all or have been following this blog, you know how I look for signs of life/sparkling stepping stones of magic and other symbols of synchronicity to fuel my ever evolving life.   I found my other half.  This was our day yesterday but through his eyes.

had a yesterday of synchronicity fun with LoverGirl: from being told by his Inner Voice to call her in the morning only to have the phone ring immediately and see it was her, to having had a dream about her regarding a new situation that we both realized (separately) needed to be discussed and resolved (with the same though independently arrived at resolution) to posting the same selfie on FB, to texting the exact same preferences regarding wedding plans before hearing the others’ thoughts to having similar plans for our days in our 2700 mile wide house of love.

This love thing is coolness.

And this is the selfie, that he texted to me from his  hike, that we both shared on Facebook.


What an amazing connection.  I just keep pinching myself that we found each other after all this time.

Pure magic I tell ya.

still writing



Just another small reminder.  I’m embroiled in blogging over at my Middle Child book blog about my writing retreat in Edmonds, WA.  I’m diving deep in to it all and otherwise having a tremendous experience.

Please join me here.

I’ll likely be spending most of my blog time there as there are just so many places I can write–plus I’m writing a book!

Cheers from the beautiful Northwest!

Writing 1



I’m in Edmonds writing like crazy!  I’m posting updates and snippets on the other Middle Child blog.

I’ve awakened at 3am the first two days here and started writing which is kind of interesting.


Today I’m diving in to Cindy’s homicide investigation and those reams of materials.  At least I will start it and survey the situation.

The writing is flowing and I’m in a paradise and couldn’t be more consumed with a feeling of rightness and gratitude for everything involved with this project.


Greetings from beautiful Edmonds WA!


I have this gorgeous view of the Puget Sound for the next month.




Don’t think;
just go.

As he grabbed
my hand and
pulled me,
white nightied
and barefoot,

On to the deck
of new fallen snow.

lovestory – the proposal



I’ve decided that in life it’s good to have moments that are expected and that are unexpected.  I don’t particularly want to live a life where I see everything coming.  Additionally, I don’t want to be a person who lives a life of predictability, where people see me coming either.  I like mystery and surprises, ya know, when they are good.


PTSD and hypervigilance sort of rob you of that kind of magical spontaneity in life.  Those conditions govern that you must always know or be seeking what’s around the next corner so you don’t get blindsided, steamrolled, devastated.

Sad Teenage Girl

Yet we know this is all illusion anyway.  Life will blindside you and crash and burn all over you.  When you least expect it.  And if you crush or expend your energy in futility trying to avoid/be prepared the negative forces, you also crush all the delightful surprises and possibilities life is always waiting to offer in your direction.  It’s about the opening of eyes and the opening of hands.  When you’ve lived a life on a roller coaster squeezing your eyes shut and grasping the bar with all your might, you just miss a lot of stuff.

And it’s never too late to change.


I arrived in Rochester Saturday Jan. 3 through a storm.  In fact, Rob and his husband Sean had come down from Sedona the night before as our flight was so early–7:32 to be exact.  We had a night of fun and laughter and went to bed early in order to wake at 5am to make it to the airport on time.  Consumed with excitement, I awoke at 4 and hopped in a warm bath to leisurely shave my legs.  Just moments later Rob was knocking on the door asking if I was decent “um, no I’m in the bathtub” which is the first thing you see when you enter my bedroom.   “Our flight is canceled, it’s not leaving until 1pm”.  Damn!

Well I finished my bath and crawled back in to bed after calling John giving him the news.  Instead of arriving at 2:30 pm, it would be more like 9:30.  No worries he said, I need the time to get some stuff done.


We finally got on the plane after a huge mess at the airport and were on our way, finally.  It was fun traveling with Rob and our first time doing air travel together!  We didn’t have exact seats together so Rob managed it by moving his seat next to mine, in the same row with an empty one between us–SCORE!  That plane was about half empty.  Weird!

We had a short layover in Chicago and finally landed in Rochester around 10:30pm.  Rob had arranged for John and I to have a hotel room (part of his negotiating with me to even do this) so John was waiting there at the Doubletree.  It was late and the weather bad so he stayed put and Rob, renting a car anyway, dropped me off.


blurry but happy

My love was waiting outside in the cold and I saw him immediately when we pulled up.  I can’t exactly describe the feeling–surreal I guess?  I mean here we had fallen in love via all these avenues of communication–from Facebook to Messenger to the phone to Whatsapp (good app by the way to send voice notes and photos) and finally Facetime took us over the edge.  We had been seeing each other in real time video for days so now it was just taking it to the next level–in person.

He was taller than I thought (he’s shorter than me) and other than that, exactly as I’d imagined.  Bright shining face and we just hugged and hugged laughing on the sidewalk.  We grabbed my suitcases and ran inside the hotel rushing toward the elevator.  He stopped and grabbed my face, held it, and started kissing me right there in the lobby near the elevator doors.  I was breathless.  It was a lot to digest.

The room was high on the seventh floor with a view and soft lightning.  I sat my stuff down and, I’ll just say it, we were almost instantly making out.  ha  It’s true.  The chemistry between John and I is off the chain.  We kind of already knew this but there’s a knowing what you know, right?


I’d say he was more comfortable than me. It had been a long trip, stressful and it was just so much to digest!  We finally sat side by side on the bed holding hands and looking out at the expansive view in to the night saying over and over things like “this is surreal isn’t it?”.  But it was all good.  All good.



The night was fantastic, I’ll just leave it at that.  In the morning it looked like the bed had become a centrifuge and clothes had flown all over the room.  Flotsam and jetsam. Yes, it was that kind of night.  I’ll just say we are completely, over the top, compatible in that department.  And neither of us snores!  Oh hell yes!


John couldn’t figure out what that bed scarf was for so wrapped it around his head

We had plans to meet Rob and his Mom for brunch the next day so we leisurely got up and as I showered, he organized everything (gotta love that  and we found the charming restaurant Rob had picked out.  Brunch was good, John was for the first time shy and Rob’s Mom said we were “vibrant”.  I’m sure we were glowing.  John helped me with my coat, pulled my chair out for me.  I’m saying…this is all so new and a long time coming.  A gentleman.


After brunch we stopped at Wegman’s grocery store and got groceries for the week.  I decided to make a big pot of my homemade Nicaraguan chicken soup which could kind of carry us through.  Something that should feel awkward, like being in a grocery store together , was as all things have been, like something we’ve done together for years.  Our natural compatibility is truly amazing.

We arrived at his cozy home in rural Pennsylvania in the dark.  He immediately started up the wood stove, we had a snack then curled up in his cozy bed.  I felt instantly comfortable there.



darling little Lillian I easily bonded with

The next day John had his daughter, Lillian so he went to go get her and I waited at the house.  Before leaving he covered me with an extra blanket, left me a voice note saying he had left his robe at the foot of the bed for me to use and had set up the coffee maker for me.   When i got up he’d left me a poem on my ipad on the kitchen counter.  This MAN!  This amazingly nurturing romantic MAN!



I won’t write in detail about the whole week as I’m super super busy right now getting ready to hit the road for Seattle in two days but everything just was wonderful and easy and fun and lots and lots of laughter.


He did work on Tues, Wed and Thurs so I hung out at the house, writing some, listening to a podcast, cooking, just enjoying the simplicity and quiet of his home.  At night we would curl up downstairs on his reclining love seat by the woodstove and watch movies in his little home theatre with a big screen TV.  We even like all the same movies.  Quirky indie films.  As his son said, “you are like the female version of my Dad”.  It’s uncanny.



homemade popcorn and chocolate for dinner


So, to the big event.  He returned home from working on Thursday and I was downstairs listening to the Podcast Serial on my ipad.  He still had some reports to finish so went back upstairs and when I finished a half hour later or so, I went up. He turned with a little grin and said “I thought your powers of observation were better than that”.  Huh?


He asked me to look around.  By the Christmas tree was a large 4 foot white box with a big red bow–the old school kind for bringing long stemmed roses.  I opened it and inside were, no surprise, a dozen long stemmed roses of all colors.  “I didn’t know what was your favorite so I got them all”.  That is so John.  His card was equally romantic.

wpid-20150108_152522.jpg wpid-20150109_125403.jpg

I arranged them in a vase after lots of hugs and kisses and we then set about making our second video in our “Coolness” performance art series.  It’s so fun!  He has camera equipment as he’s been making crazy videos himself and is interested in film making so I got to see him in action with lighting etc.  Impressive!  He just uploaded it yesterday so here it is. It was our third “take” so we seem a little stiff but fun anyway.  I think you can see the love between us so clearly.

(who knew I’d be getting engaged moments after this?)

After we finished this video, he said “now I need you to go find your other present”.  I had no idea where it was or anything so he said “go look where you found the last one”.  Embedded in the Christmas tree was a little silver box.


He asked me to sit on the sofa in front of the flowers and the candle we’d lit and open it.  Inside was a very fine gold chain.  Now this man does nothing without a meaning or sentimentality so I knew a story was coming.  He started talking about a locket and I was thinking a locket would be forthcoming to put on the chain and this was the first step.

But no, he slid off the sofa, on two knees in front of me, reached in to his back pocket and pulled out a gold ring.

What he said was something like this:

“This is my father’s wedding band.  When he died (John was 9), my mother wore it around her neck on a gold chain until she died (John was 15).  My father came to me in a dream and told me he was happy with you for me so I want to give you his ring and ask you to wear it around your neck as my mother did.  I want to renew this symbol in our lives and I want to ask you if you will marry me”.


looks silver here but it’s yellow gold–both the chain and ring

Just like that.  I’m sure I gasped and covered my mouth and said something that sounded like yes.  He took the chain from my hand, put his father’s ring on it and clasped it back on my neck.  We hugged and kissed and he cried but I was so in shock I didn’t even cry but just kept saying “oh my God” over and over.

We sat on the sofa staring at each other saying “we’re engaged!” repeatedly.


I’d brought a small bottle of red wine that I’d brought home from my last trip to Rancho La Puerta that was sitting on his counter all week (John doesn’t really drink alcohol much at all).  He said “let’s make a toast and open your wine”.  So we did, sitting there on the sofa sipping red wine and repeating over and over “we just got engaged!”.  “We’re getting married!”.

I’m telling you it’s the most natural thing in the world.  No fear.  No drama.  No waiting for the other shoe to drop.  All those things in my life are over.  This is my man, the one I’ve waited for for a very very long time.  I feel utterly secure with him and myself and my more expanded self and nothing but excited for our future.


Just to backtrack, before I headed out there, he had casually said to me in a conversation once “just so you know I have a plan and a formal proposal will be coming”.  It didn’t surprise me he said that as we both knew where this was heading very early on.  We just knew.  I didn’t think it would come on this trip but I knew it was coming.  Heck, we didn’t even know this trip was happening!

I then told him that receiving a traditional diamond ring was really not important to me and actually not my preference.  I have beautiful diamond rings from my grandma I can’t even wear (at once anyway) and at 55, that ritual isn’t important to me.  I told him my preference was to have matching, unique bands on both our fingers so that when you look at our hands they match exactly.  So this ring around my neck is the most perfect symbol I could ever imagine.  It’s just absolutely perfect for me/us.

John and I are crafting an unusual and unique way to move in the world as well.  Neither of us is relocating now and it’s just as we want it.  It was so liberating to say to him that I would prefer a life with more space and fluidity.  I said “between us, we have three homes.  How about a life where we move between them, sometimes together, sometimes apart?”.  He gasped and asked a question he’s now asked dozens of times “where did you come from?”.


We are two loners, two introverts finding each other.  Being in each other’s space 24/7 is not our preference.  We both need lots of alone time.  This arrangement fits our personalities perfectly and I couldn’t be more relieved we’re on the same page.

Neither of us ever thought we’d need to get married again.  But once we found each other, it’s all we could think about.  Something about being married creates an anchor for us to have this open and free unconventional lifestyle (don’t get me wrong, it includes 100% monogamy and commitment).  We have one rule:  we don’t separate without a clear plan for when we are together again.


This time it’s Feb 11–one day after his 55th birthday and just before Valentine’s Day.  We will be together in Edmonds (where I arrive in just 6 short days), then Seattle, then on the road, then Tempe then Sedona for the film festival.  My family will meet him then.  I can’t wait.


I miss him but it’s so amazing to have someone to miss.  I’m still pinching myself that I found this man who is my dream–the ultimate of friendship with the ultimate of passion.  Crazy passion on so many levels it’s off the chart!  Yet fun and friendship.  I’ve never laughed so hard with a man in my life.


I’ll end quoting Billy Crystal from When Harry Met Sally “when you finally realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start, as soon as possible”.


this is my man!

That’s it!  Thanks for all the love.  I finally got my amazing love story.

This man responded to my poem, my heart and soul in black and white and off we went.

I’m positively shimmering with gratitude and excitement.


bloodshot eyes as I left for the airport our last morning and he snapped this


A Bow


Silhouetted female in front of sunset sky

A Bow

by Kathy Monkman 1/12/2015


I believe in hard falls

With soft landings.


I believe in looking

(away) before you leap,

Leading with hearts

Wide open.


I believe in unabashed

Unadorned, unembarrased



I believe in finding

Reckless abandon

To not

Feel abandoned.



I believe in the Powers

Of Fate and stepping stones

And halt signs and wrong

Turns leading

Straight to Destiny.


I believe in


Against all reason,

Against all evidence

In spite of yourself

And your dismissal.


I believe in






I believe

In the timelessness of



And the Fates.

And buoys in

Surrender; unseen



A buried spark

Of Faith

sent me to You,

my Beloved.


I believe

in taking this moment

this moment, this.

For a small, momentous





As my daughter woke (ever so briefly) after I turned off my light, i conducted the reading.

I conduct readings when my path crosses with another and I feel a resonating connection. Readings help me clarify my role and further clarify my path. Like you, I am also suggestible and sensitive. In the past, these traits have not always been positive attributes.

Tonight, our exchange certainly resonated, KT Cool Lady (that is so funny)!

I’m not sure where you are at on your path and don’t wish to be intrusive. I also don’t know how comfortable you are regarding the tarot. Though my demeanor is casual, my attitude is rather serious and very respectful when it comes to spirit work.

It was a very positive reading. If you are interested in details, let me know and I will oblige.

If not, that’s also cool. It’s all good and as it is meant to be.

These are some of the first words John ever sent me.  We had spoken earlier that evening during that unexpected earthquake in Sedona and he woke up in the middle of the night and conducted a Tarot card reading on us.  He now says this was the moment he realized that I was the woman for him.  The last card he turned over revealed The Lovers and he knew, although he had committed to a life of celibacy and spirituality for 21 months, that his love had arrived.  He was very delicate about how he imparted this knowledge to me.  Something along the lines of “I know where this relationship is headed.  If you’d like me to tell you, I will.  If not, I can let it unfold.  But I will tell you, this will be a mutually fulfilling relationship”.

I basically said “don’t tell me”.  haha


John asked me to marry him two days ago on 1/8/2014.  His proposal was so completely unique, so completely him and us that I will share the whole story, with pics, once I’m more clear headed.  I just got home and my head is spinning in love.  My life is changing all for the good and I couldn’t be happier.  He is my dream come true and our unfolding life more magical and more love-filled than I could ever dream.  We have had no doubt for some time that this is the relationship we’ve been longing for, waiting for, praying for, still holding out a glimmer of hope for.  And it arrived, finally, while we are still young enough to enjoy it (we are 4 months apart in age–I’m older 😉 ).


Yes, readers, I’m engaged.  Holy crap!   I’ll be getting married this year to this wonderful man John David Higham.  We will be offering to the world a new paradigm of marriage and one that is uniquely suited to us and all of our needs and wants.  At this age, you get to create basically whatever you want I’ve decided.


yes, he can cook too–made his homemade pizza with dough from scratch!

We are documenting our very first exchange ever from Facebook (which I think is pretty cool and funny) via a series of videos during our travels.  Yesterday it was Mark Twain’s grave.

He has the first and third posted at the moment on his Youtube channel because the second one was filmed on a different camera so he needs to get it uploaded.  Probably by tomorrow.

This is the first one:

We are having so much fun.  It is a life of laughter and love.


popcorn, chocolate and movies that night

I’ve found my match, my twin, my equal in this loving, nurturing, creative and brilliant man.  Who is mine.  And a writer.  And a mystic.  And the most romantic funny person I’ve ever met.  And he’s equally as crazy about me.

I’m so lucky.  Beyond…


Stay tuned…there will be more.  Much more.