even the weeds are breathtaking



Hello out there, All!

Hope your summer is going well and you enjoyed your holiday, however you spent it. We had a quiet day of binge-watching, taking an evening walk, and installing items in our bedroom, including these cool floating nightstands we basically hacked from Ikea, and a….ceiling fan! Whew! Of course, when I say we, I mainly mean my husband. He can build or fix anything. I’m spoiled. I am getting pretty good at handing him the tools however.

I’ll post some more pics of the bedroom all put together when I straighten it up a bit. I’m so pleased with how it turned out by piecemealing things I mostly saw online. It feels like a luxury boutique hotel upgraded room now (on a major budget). If I do say so myself. 😉

I was interviewed for a local Casa Grande paper for a story on Rudi’s failed parole hearing last month, and you can read it here. The reporter pretty accurately covered it. I’m glad he included some of the pictures I sent him of Cindy. It’s interesting to me that the case is suddenly getting a little flurry of media attention after all of these years (stay tuned on that front too). Interesting, considering I’m finishing up my book proposal this summer to be able to do a full frontal push for an agent/publisher this Fall. Seems the Universe is right on time with my timeline too.


Speaking of writing, we got our table up! I will be able to put my husband’s old rolling desk chair on the one side facing out and sit with the view I love and work. It’s perfect. I do love my views when I’m diving in to this gritty subject matter. It’s time.




The house is a good 80% finished to where we want it, in terms of decorating and furnishing, so I can relax now and get to work. That sounded kind of backward didn’t it?

women with lightbulb

I also have a new business idea I’m cooking up which I am really excited about. Taking one of my beloved hobbies and turning it in to a small business. I was inspired for this years ago back in Tempe, but now see how it can come to fruition in this area even better. I even have been gathering supplies, before I ever met John. More on that later. It’s going to be super fun though, even if I never make a dime at it. It’s good for me to have creative projects. It’s like blood in my  veins and electricity running through my nervous system, keeping me vital.

How about you? What keeps your blood pumping?

Hapuna Light #1 - Hapuna Beach, Big Islan, Hawaii

I’ll leave you with some gorgeous photos I took on our walk last evening on the nearly empty bike trail near our home. That is my kinda fireworks. Even the weeds are breathtaking.