As my daughter woke (ever so briefly) after I turned off my light, i conducted the reading.

I conduct readings when my path crosses with another and I feel a resonating connection. Readings help me clarify my role and further clarify my path. Like you, I am also suggestible and sensitive. In the past, these traits have not always been positive attributes.

Tonight, our exchange certainly resonated, KT Cool Lady (that is so funny)!

I’m not sure where you are at on your path and don’t wish to be intrusive. I also don’t know how comfortable you are regarding the tarot. Though my demeanor is casual, my attitude is rather serious and very respectful when it comes to spirit work.

It was a very positive reading. If you are interested in details, let me know and I will oblige.

If not, that’s also cool. It’s all good and as it is meant to be.

These are some of the first words John ever sent me.  We had spoken earlier that evening during that unexpected earthquake in Sedona and he woke up in the middle of the night and conducted a Tarot card reading on us.  He now says this was the moment he realized that I was the woman for him.  The last card he turned over revealed The Lovers and he knew, although he had committed to a life of celibacy and spirituality for 21 months, that his love had arrived.  He was very delicate about how he imparted this knowledge to me.  Something along the lines of “I know where this relationship is headed.  If you’d like me to tell you, I will.  If not, I can let it unfold.  But I will tell you, this will be a mutually fulfilling relationship”.

I basically said “don’t tell me”.  haha


John asked me to marry him two days ago on 1/8/2014.  His proposal was so completely unique, so completely him and us that I will share the whole story, with pics, once I’m more clear headed.  I just got home and my head is spinning in love.  My life is changing all for the good and I couldn’t be happier.  He is my dream come true and our unfolding life more magical and more love-filled than I could ever dream.  We have had no doubt for some time that this is the relationship we’ve been longing for, waiting for, praying for, still holding out a glimmer of hope for.  And it arrived, finally, while we are still young enough to enjoy it (we are 4 months apart in age–I’m older 😉 ).


Yes, readers, I’m engaged.  Holy crap!   I’ll be getting married this year to this wonderful man John David Higham.  We will be offering to the world a new paradigm of marriage and one that is uniquely suited to us and all of our needs and wants.  At this age, you get to create basically whatever you want I’ve decided.


yes, he can cook too–made his homemade pizza with dough from scratch!

We are documenting our very first exchange ever from Facebook (which I think is pretty cool and funny) via a series of videos during our travels.  Yesterday it was Mark Twain’s grave.

He has the first and third posted at the moment on his Youtube channel because the second one was filmed on a different camera so he needs to get it uploaded.  Probably by tomorrow.

This is the first one:

We are having so much fun.  It is a life of laughter and love.


popcorn, chocolate and movies that night

I’ve found my match, my twin, my equal in this loving, nurturing, creative and brilliant man.  Who is mine.  And a writer.  And a mystic.  And the most romantic funny person I’ve ever met.  And he’s equally as crazy about me.

I’m so lucky.  Beyond…


Stay tuned…there will be more.  Much more.

21 thoughts on “engaged

  1. spellbound4

    OMG!!!!💗💗 Can you possibly do anything to calm my heartbeats? I am so ecstatically happy for you, KatieCoo! Your John is getting one heck of a woman, with a lot of surrogate moms and sisters. Is he quite aware how protective we are?

    My sincere congratulations to two lovely people. Destiny has struck. May your lives together be full of laughter, love, and blessings in abundance.

  2. My Heart just sings for the love you both share.
    I’m so so delighted for both of you.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    Paula (Soulsad)
    ps: My Al is three months younger than me LOLLLLL.
    After 39 years we still chuckle about me robbing the cradle.

  3. You are testament to the fact that dreams do come true. You did the work. You established your goals and intentions. You believed in love and you knew he would come into your corner of the world. To say that you deeply deserve this is an understatement. This is also a gift to all of us who are your friends and followers….we want only the best….you both now have it. Thanks for opening your heart space to us.

  4. spellbound4

    Oh! I had to come back after watching the videos —– you two are adorably silly together. What a hoot this life is going to become I love you, couple!

  5. Kat

    Awesome!! Are there words enough!!! Imagine when I saw “Engaged”. Goose bumps!!! What a story!! And you are sharing with us, how sweet, caring, and beautiful of you both!! I want to see others happy and that they have a defining love. May you both fully enjoy Life together as One. xxoo

  6. IfIMay

    Congratulations Kathy and John! May you have a life beyond the one you can imagine. You remind me of one of my favorite sayings.. ones that I am having made for my living room shelves as we speak. LIVE every moment, LAUGH every day, LOVE beyond words and LISTEN to your heart.

    So very happy for you…. they say the best things in life are worth the wait. Sounds like he is definitely worth the wait. Sometimes you have to know what is not right, to finally recognize what is.

  7. OldCarGal

    May your hearts sing with love,
    Let there be romance filling your days and nights
    Wishing you fun surprises around every corner.

    5-15-2015 (Friday) sounds like a good date for a wedding. Are your birthdays before that?

    Show us your ring?

  8. kathy fuller

    Congratulations to one very deserving woman and one very lucky man! When one is ‘open’ to what may cross ones path, there’s no telling how exciting it can become. I couldn’t be more happy for you! Please continue to keep us in the loop.

  9. If I’m not replying individually please know I’m reading and appreciating all of your wonderful comments! I will post the whole story once I get a minute. Today has been filled with packing for Seattle…zip zip! I’m so happy, so grateful, so in love, so relieved. Thank you for supporting me! xoxo

    • fishface123ism

      You do not need to respond to me individually! I just wanted to know that my heart is filled with joy for you. You and your Love deserve the best. I am so happy for you and I appreciate that you have shared the good, and so much heartache with the sad, sad, loss of your beloved sister. So cheers to you!! Thank you for sharing, you are a Cool Lady! Fishface 🙂

  10. Alexander Davis

    Congratulations KCL
    This is such an exciting time. I am so happy for you. John is a very smart man to take you off the dating market. You are quite the catch and will no doubt be an amazing (in so many ways), super
    fun-loving Mrs.

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