A Bow


Silhouetted female in front of sunset sky

A Bow

by Kathy Monkman 1/12/2015


I believe in hard falls

With soft landings.


I believe in looking

(away) before you leap,

Leading with hearts

Wide open.


I believe in unabashed

Unadorned, unembarrased



I believe in finding

Reckless abandon

To not

Feel abandoned.



I believe in the Powers

Of Fate and stepping stones

And halt signs and wrong

Turns leading

Straight to Destiny.


I believe in


Against all reason,

Against all evidence

In spite of yourself

And your dismissal.


I believe in






I believe

In the timelessness of



And the Fates.

And buoys in

Surrender; unseen



A buried spark

Of Faith

sent me to You,

my Beloved.


I believe

in taking this moment

this moment, this.

For a small, momentous


4 thoughts on “A Bow

  1. I dare say you omitted ‘HOTNESS’ LOLLLLLLLLL . . .
    I got such a rise out of you and John in your video’s yesterday.
    I’ll always remember you Kathy (COOL Lady) and how you said ‘HOTNESS’ AND the look on your face. It was priceless.

    Keep Believing and be Blessed♥
    ♥ ♥ ♥

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