Writing 1



I’m in Edmonds writing like crazy!  I’m posting updates and snippets on the other Middle Child blog.

I’ve awakened at 3am the first two days here and started writing which is kind of interesting.


Today I’m diving in to Cindy’s homicide investigation and those reams of materials.  At least I will start it and survey the situation.

The writing is flowing and I’m in a paradise and couldn’t be more consumed with a feeling of rightness and gratitude for everything involved with this project.


Greetings from beautiful Edmonds WA!


I have this gorgeous view of the Puget Sound for the next month.

3 thoughts on “Writing 1

  1. Dear KatieCoolLady: I have to tell you this, but first I must preface that of course we don’t know each other, but your putting your life out here, and your quest for justice in the tragedy of the murder of your sweet sister has made me have a connection to you in the best sense of the word. So I thank you for sharing everything. You posted all about your NEW LOVE and I commented my joy for you and he. What I want to tell you is that something very similar has happened to me! Love, the real deal just came waltzing into my life, with a choir of angels singing!! It is a man I knew long ago, and although I don’t have that many specific memories of him, what I do remember is that I always laughed with him. I don’t know how this might be, but your life and your experience of love has busted in on my reality too. Just wanted you to know! Your example has inspired a lot of love. I am sure I am not the only one, but thank you. I am so grateful that you share your soul with the world to see. Take good care and by all means, write on. I am positive that a living breathing book is on it’s way from you.

  2. Nancy B

    The view looks to be awesome from the picture! Waking to write @ 3AM sounds just fine and especially since it’s all flowing effortlessly. So glad to know that I should also check the new blog and I will do so. I was truly in full amazement when you posted that the prosecutor from Cindy’s trial gave you access to ALL of the criminal case files!!!! Not that I don’t strongly believe that families (especially decades later) have every RIGHT to all of this information, but I do think that she is a rarity and a love. I also do realize that you have had a life long relationship/friendship with her but it is highly unusual, no? She has to be a completely remarkable person. Sending you all the best!

  3. lovelaw

    Magnificent!! Write on!! Right on!! 😉 I really cannot wait for your book!! 📖 No rush, of course. Such sensitive topics require extreme patience and periods of rest for your heart, mind and soul. Don’t overdo it. It will be worth the wait, how EVER long it takes!

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