Renaissance Husband



Greetings from Sedona where I remain receiving therapy at the Myofascial Release Clinic here. It has helped a great deal but that pesky rib is still healing and giving me off and on fits (pain).

Luckily as I spend most of my time horizontal and on my back, my crazy husband is not only taking great care of me (he extended this stay a week) but also providing first rate entertainment. 

In the upcoming videos, he had just assembled that fold out bed my dad bought and was, well, showing it off.  He also installed this beautiful chandelier for us. Gotta love a Renaissance Husband. The last 3 wks would have been interminably boring (and difficult) without him.



challenging times


Sad Teenage Girl

Just a quick note before we head back up to Sedona for more therapy. This has been, without a doubt, the most challenging week I’ve ever had on my body with a close second being a bout of pneumonia I had many years ago.

My husband John is taking such good care of me. I’ve not driven my car in over two weeks due to my injuries so he’s been hauling me to Dr. appts, X rays, the occasional movie. He’s been cooking for me, cleaning my house and doing all kinds of home repairs. But for me, mostly it’s been a lot of sleeping and resting and being in pain over here.

I have a rib fracture that went undiagnosed in the ER that is some kind of pain I tell ya. And then dealing with insurance companies etc and not being able to work. I’m really REALLY understanding the other side of the coin when it comes to the clients I’ve been treating for nearly 30 years.


Things will get better and for now a change of scenery will lift my mood I’m sure. It’s daunting when most of your pleasurable activities are taken off your table. Even reading is hard. I slept almost all day yesterday.

Anyway I’m in the thick of things and it will improve and if I wasn’t sure I married the right man (I never wasn’t sure but you know), I sure am now.

Be back when I can.