love in pennsylvania


wpid-2015-01-04-10.40.02.jpg.jpegGreetings from the snow flurries in rural PA! I flew in last Sat to Rochester with my friend Rob after several lonnnnng delays and finally arrived after 11pm to my first meeting with my love John David Higham.


We were already in love but this was obviously important, a face to face meeting. Ya know, a relationship is much better with that component. I don’t want to go on and on here as I’m relaxing and listening to the podcast Serial which John is at work so just popping in to say hi and that things are going along better than I’d ever expected.

We are unbelievably compatible, I’ve met his adult son and 3 year old daughter (who we spent the entire day with yesterday) as well as his exwife. All went off amazingly well and without conflict.
Our only problem is lack of sleep as there’s never enough time in the day when you’re in love.
It was such a good idea to come here when i did even though the timing is nutty. I’ll be returning home, working for a few days then headed off to Seattle to write my book. Crazy and exhilarating and exciting. Everything a romance should be as far as I’m concerned.
Ok, here are a few photos which depict this amazing moment in my life. Lots of support for this remarkable magic love story around me for which I’m so grateful. xxoo Here’s to Love!




7 thoughts on “love in pennsylvania

  1. Debra

    How lovely. I’m so happy for you Kathy! I’ve missed part of this story. Does he live in PA? Are you leaving AZ? Have a wonderful time! Isn’t love GRAND?! 🙂 Cheers my dear.

  2. Alexander Davis

    Hi Katie,
    I’m dancing around in my kitchen for you!!!!
    This news is exciting and I am happy you are sharing your joy…
    through pictures and words like only you can do.
    I hope to find Love next in California.

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