middle child


middlechildpic2I am writing a memoir called Middle Child, hopefully ready for release in 2015.

If you are interested, I will be posting snippets on a blog designed just for this book as I go along.

Please join me at www.middlechildbook.com.

I promise, it will keep you interested.

7 thoughts on “middle child

  1. Colleen Hamil

    Hi KCL
    It really is a beautiful place. Congrats on coming up with your book layout. I imagine that that is a major part to have behind you and helps you visualize the whole book.

    • Hi Tommy–I’ve seen the page on your brother. A sad coincidence as I too have lost a sister. My husband has the same name but is from the East Coast, younger than your brother and 5’3″. I’m so sorry about your brother and can’t even imagine the agony your family has endured with him being missing all this time.

  2. Steve Slaterbeck

    Hey Tommy!
    You disappeared from fb. I just texted you at the last number I have for you Text, call, or email me. Your old friend from NJ days.

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