pure magic



Greetings from beautiful Edmonds!  This was my sunrise this morning.  🙂

In case anyone out there was wondering about how I fell in love so fast and got engaged so quickly or why I’d enter in to a committed relationship with a man across the country,  I’d just like to share this Facebook status from my love this morning.  If you know me at all or have been following this blog, you know how I look for signs of life/sparkling stepping stones of magic and other symbols of synchronicity to fuel my ever evolving life.   I found my other half.  This was our day yesterday but through his eyes.

had a yesterday of synchronicity fun with LoverGirl: from being told by his Inner Voice to call her in the morning only to have the phone ring immediately and see it was her, to having had a dream about her regarding a new situation that we both realized (separately) needed to be discussed and resolved (with the same though independently arrived at resolution) to posting the same selfie on FB, to texting the exact same preferences regarding wedding plans before hearing the others’ thoughts to having similar plans for our days in our 2700 mile wide house of love.

This love thing is coolness.

And this is the selfie, that he texted to me from his  hike, that we both shared on Facebook.


What an amazing connection.  I just keep pinching myself that we found each other after all this time.

Pure magic I tell ya.

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