Last night when I told my friend Rob the story I’m about to tell you right now, he replied, in awe “Kathy you have the most experiences like this in your life than anyone I know”.

What he’s talking about are experiences of serendipity and of wonder.

I have to agree with him.  I don’t know if I actually get more of these experiences or I look for them so see them more often.


All I know is this is the kind of thing that keeps me springing forward in life.  These experiences are truly my reason for living I think.

Now that I’ve created all kinds of suspense, I’ll tell you what I’m talking about.

Remember that day, all the way back to yesterday, when I wrote about betrayal?  Yeah, that.


Remember the part where I wrote, just random stream of consciousness about how I don’t understand why people get ripped from my life but I do think there is some master plan.  Like space is being made?  Remember the part where I wrote this?


Cindy what message are you sending me?

After all of that musing and rambling, I went in to work.  I looked down beneath my mail slot and saw a personal handwritten letter sitting there, from a name I didn’t recognize.

Now sometimes people forget to bring their checkbook and mail me a check so I thought somehow I’d forgotten about that and had some money waiting for me (yippee!).

But I was wrong.   Totally wrong.

Well I’ll just show you.


Yeah, that’s a part of the letter that was waiting for me.

This man waited over twenty five years to contact me.  Why now?  What motivated him to look up me or Cindy and find my office and write me that sweet handwritten letter?  What made him think about Cindy just now?


More importantly, why is she sending this man to me right now?


He included both his address and phone number for me to contact him which I will do, later today.

I just had to take a while to digest it.


I swear I got this tattoo for protection or so I thought but the way it’s unfolding I think it’s much bigger than all that.

I think she pressed her way in to my skin to be joining me in all ways for the rest of whatever’s yet to come.


I must be ready because it’s happening.

I’ll keep ya posted.  😉


5 thoughts on “embedded

  1. When we truly open up ourselves to be vulnerable and accept what the Universe wants us to know, only then will our messages come to us. As a fellow empath, I am very excited for you!!

  2. I do believe you find these priceless moments because you are so open to receiving them. I hope you meet this man and will gain more of your sister in ways you haven’t quite realized were there. I am sure you will also get confirmation of some traits, too. Quite an amazing “find”

    You always find just the right pics to add to your posts, too. They also speak to me when reading your pages.

  3. I spoke with this man on the phone this evening and he verified the time frame he dated Cindy in, where they met, where she was living/working at the time. He’s for real but I don’t recall who he is although do believe I met him. He broke in to tears on the phone talking about the guilt he’s felt all these years as he was dating her shortly before she met her murderer. It was a very heartfelt and important conversation and I assured him that I know those feelings and I think his admitting them were the first step in healing. We’re going to get together soon for coffee and a visit then I’m sure I’ll remember him. Amazing, just amazing.

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