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awwww, I love this Santa plate

Just popping on to share a couple of special goodies that I love and want to share with you.

I just finished mixing up a batch of one of my all time favorite cookies:  Ina Garten’s Jam Thumbprint cookies.

I once saw her show and she made these cookies seem so delicious and special that I tried them out and Oh. Mah. God.  are they amazing.  It’s not a cookie I would normally gravitate to (translation:  no chocolate 😉 ) but I’m a convert now.


I’m kind of adapting the recipe tonite as I only had whole wheat flour.  I’ll letcha know how they turn out.   I decided to go a little crazy and add some lemon extract as well.  Livin on the edge tonite ya know.

I’m chillin the dough as I have no eggs in the house and you do need one egg for a wash and I probably need more apricot jam as well so the baking will commence manana.

This is just such an easy and crowd pleasing cookie recipe and people will beg you to make them again next year so there’s that warning.



The second goodie I want to share is the new Siroflex shower head, I’m currently obsessed with.   I’m so obsessed with it that I purchased six of them from this website and have been steadily replacing them both here in my house and our Sedona house.  I gave one to my friend Amy as a hostess gift (how nutty is that?) and I WILL be replacing hers when I go over there next week.  I’ve become a bit of a plumber I must say.  I know how to swiftly replace a shower head with a wrench and plumber’s tape now.   I was motivated. 😀


This shower head is just $8 and trust me, will change your entire shower experience.  I think it’s an “As Seen On TV”  item and I first encountered it at my Aunt Ruth’s house in Vermont in September.  I came down and said “what IS that shower head?”.  It just has the most amazing spray and sensation of the water coming out and hitting your skin.  It just feels amazing.  She told me someone picked one up for her at some kind of swap meet.

I did realize you have to kind of tweak it in terms of the water flow inhibitor or whatever it’s called but after that, you will never want to leave your shower.  These people got it right.


In fact I replaced the head in my Dad’s shower in Sedona for a fancy one that has the rainfall shower deal with a handheld sprayer and I’m ditching that whole thing for this small white nothing-special looking shower head because I want him to have the same experience.

So…….those are two of my favorite things for now.  I hope you enjoy them as well!

8 thoughts on “goodies 1

  1. Shelley

    Wow thanks for sharing. Ina Garten is my girl and those cookies look amazing. And that shower head-really great thanks. I could not get that website link to open but found Amazon sells the Siroflex shower head for $11.22. I simply have to get one for my guest bath. The giant rainhead shower head we put in there a year ago does not put out enough water to thoroughly wash with.

  2. Carol

    Darn, Katie, I just put in a new rain shower with the hand-held thingie and am not happy. From your recommendation, I am ordering two of these showerheads from Amazon. Thanks for the recommendation and most reviewers on Amazon agree. 🙂 Love your posts! Will you install in California?

  3. pilcherje

    Love the nifty creature comforts…and those jam thumbprints. Have a very similar recipe, Tartallette Alla Diavola using a Danish raspberry preserve. Never would have thought to brush with egg white and roll in coconut! They’re beautiful. And thanks to that recipe, it reminds me now, I forgot to get unsalted butter which I could eat a spoon full of but did not write that or think that or say that. No no, not me.

    • heehee, you crack me up! I bought kerrygold unsalted butter today! And champagne and brie and cranberries and red pepper hummus and dubliner cheese and pink champagne and blood orange soda and yogurt! (at least). 😀 Oh and avocados and sweet potato chips! I”m having company tomorrow night, what can I say? I’m hoping my fabulous snacks distract from my messy but semi decorated house! 😀

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