yes, virginia


Ok, I’m warning you on the front end to grab your Kleenex box because this will melt any frozen cubes in your heart and warm you right up, I promise.

I saw this last night and bawled like a baby.  I hope you enjoy this true expression of the Christmas spirit as I did.  It’s just beautiful.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

8 thoughts on “yes, virginia

  1. spellbound4

    Every time I watch this I can only get as far as the little boy receiving an Android tablet and his astonished “No way!” Then I start crying — happily.

  2. norsegirl

    Oh. My. God! I loved this. I do have to say- I kind of feel sorry for the guy that said socks and underwear… BUT… maybe that is all he really needed! Bravo!

  3. pilcherje

    This is where Wednesday’s Child sees wonderment…and still cries! Yes, as with Spellbound4, seeing the look on that little boys face, priceless, his little innocent spirit shinning through. Even though we knew it was coming, the emotional charge, seeing those gifts come down brought the cascade of tears, I so couldn’t wait to see their faces, reactions. I love love love that! Thanks for sharing this great story Kathy ❤
    It's that 'when you least expect' something that gives one pause about mankind and restoring a kind of faith. I still believe there is more good than not and there's still something to be said about actions and words that affect others.
    So, here's my "Yes Virginia" experience; I recently I tried an Artichoke spread called Duquesa, it's a product of Peru. I used an entire jar in a homemade stuffing of sweet wheat bagels and white bread (dried). I didn't add a single seasoning but did add sweet white onions, green bell peppers and small round slices of sausage. As it baked, the aroma was mouth watering. My body tingled. I'd shared with others that I'd made a stuffing that would make a grown man cry if…he liked stuffing. One asked if I delivered. I said "have gravy boat, will travel." The taste was so unbelievable that I wrote the company and told them the recipe and…that I was in Love with their product.
    I'd hoped that I could find it on the shelves again because my store doesn't always restock the same products but, during the Holidays, if you spent $25 you could get a wooden imitation Nutcracker of your choice. At least last year we did. It's all good. And no, they didn't have it on the shelf when I went back.
    Well, five days ago I received an email from Royal Foods. They were delighted that I enjoyed the product and asked that I send them my address as….they wanted to send me a case, yes, A CASE of Duquesa Artichoke Bruschetta Spread and Dip and that they would have it to me before the Holiday began! I cried. LOL … Wednesday's Child cried…tears of JOY! And I'm here to tell you all, 12 jars arrived today by UPS! Not only in time for the Holidays, but a friend reminded me that it will be my Birthday in 5 more days and you know what, I never even thought of that! Yet she's right, so I feel doubly blessed.
    And as we move out of this year and into the next, as I reflect on my life, I'm reminded of so many incredible things that have taken place in my life and people that I've met and not met, yet, things that affected me in both profound and remarkable ways…and I want to make a list of those things to see if I can remember them all because, while I do feel blessed, I'm also thankful, deeply thankful…even for those things that hurt me deeply and made me sob into exhaustion because, I believe there are tears of joy and tears of pain…but to sob…it reminds me of how much I love what will never be forgotten.
    Dear Kathy, we've not met, yet, but we will…and for you, I am forever grateful for your inspiration in more ways than one…I've been blessed. xxxooo ❤ ❤

    • What a beautiful beautiful story and sharing!!! Wow! I can’t wait to hear more about your Duchesa journey and see pics and taste some when we meet one day! I’m sitting here with a big ol lump in my throat reading this…thank you!!! xoxo

      • pilcherje

        I took a pic, thanked Royal Food Imports, and put it on Twitter…I’m saving two jars for us!! Hmmm, I know about that “big ol lump” thang in my throat…just about every time I’ve read the messages you share through your blog…yep, it includes sobbing… naw, I thank You!

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