veterans day



It feels kind of odd to say “Happy Veterans Day” as what I really what to say is “Thank you Veterans Day”.  I know much of what goes on with and around our Veterans is not “happy” so I want to keep it real.


I do want to share some resources that are happening out there for our Veterans in the world of true healing and recovery.  Resources that involve nominal or zero financial investment on their part.  We want to help them for the help and service to the rest of us.  This is a very special population and one near to my heart.


First, I treat returning Veterans for no charge out of my Tempe, Arizonaoffice through an organization I founded in 2011 called the In One Peace Project.

All Veterans I work with need to do is read one book called Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine to have a foundation in the work I practice and call me to schedule an appointment.  It’s pretty streamlined.  I have monthly dates on my website but can also be somewhat flexible.


There is another organization called the Wave Academy.  This organization, created by Dave Towe, is very active with offering Watsu and aquatic healing to Veterans.  My friend Sebastian Skinner devotes much of his practice to this group.  They are also doing case studies and really taking all of this seriously and to another level of excellence.  Of course I’m personally drawn to Watsu so have my own agenda with promoting this for Veterans.  Having recovered from anxiety myself, I deeply appreciate the value of this healing art.


My colleague John Ludwig has founded another Myofascial Release Network organizing other practitioners in offering MFR services to Veterans.  He’s getting it off the ground now and stay tuned as this continues snowballing.  His organization is called the Warrior Recovery Network.

I also ran in to this article this morning on the Wave Academy site which is a helpful read about PTSD, identifying it, etc.

Please share this resources with anyone you think could benefit. We’re really trying to spread the word..and the healing.

Now with the business out of the way, I’d like to share a poem by David Whyte called The Journey that came in to my mind upon waking this morning.  This speaks to me on many levels and it’s something I think our Veterans might respond to.

As I just went looking for that video again, I ran in to this one which is in it’s way even more applicable.  Take a listen please.  It’s just two minutes, trust me on this one.

Finally I want to share this song.  Taking this post full circle, to me, today is not a day to be perky and happy but today is a poignant often melancholy day.  But through melancholy can rise the greatest inspiration.  We get honed in the dark fires of our grief and pain sometimes.  Being real about this and not sugar coating anything is something I aspire to personally and with those I’m fortunate enough to work with.


Again, please take in the soulfulness of Karrin Allyson.

I bow my head in respect toward all our Veterans, past and present.


Thank you for your service.


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