2 thoughts on “heads up–new post

  1. Carol M Davis

    Thanks for this update. I am still very interested in your life as it unfolds in all its magnificent drama and complexity…and gentleness and respite. Mostly, I just care and am so delighted my home state and county are being so kind to you—like me wrapping my arms around you for just a little.

  2. Cynthia Wells Platfoot

    It was so good to get an update. You’ve had alot of challenges the past few yrs with all the moves and of course losing you dad (lost mine in 2007 & sometimes it still hits hard).
    I’m so happy to here Rudi is dead! I chgd my opinion of the death penalty after hearing what you’ve been thru with Cindy’s case! Life without parole is fine.
    Glad John is doing well too. Blessing to you and the family. Still can’t wait to read the book. I’ve always loved the was you write. Take care cyn

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