Just got word from my Victim Advocate that Rudi Apelt was denied parole for his Life WITH parole commutated sentence for the murder of my sister.

You can read about it, along with my statement that she read to the parole board here.


I was heartened but not surprised that no one was there at the hearing to support him. He was surrounded for years by death penalty opponents fawning all over him, as they exploited him, and the system, in their attempts to abolish the death penalty one murderer at a time. I literally predicted in my last victim impact statement that they would drop him like a hot potato once they accomplished their goal of getting him released from death row and it appears I was right. Good.

He had an interpreter who slowed the whole hearing down by having to stop every sentence and interpret for Rudi who was on a screen and not in attendance in person. Knowing this, I may go next year and read my statement myself.

I guess he sat behind that screen, in the prison or wherever, claiming he knew nothing about the crime. Don’t think that approach impressed the parole board.

He will never get out of prison but that doesn’t mean we can get too relaxed about it. That, I’ve learned the hard way.

Bye Felicia, til next year.


4 thoughts on “denied

  1. Rita

    Kathy, you have received a wonderful blessing after so many years. I pray this is the end of this monster’s hope. He never deserved it.

  2. Megan

    Yes, I think a lifetime in prison is a good way to spend one’s life after robbing another of theirs. I go on and off with the death penalty, depending on God-knows-what. For the families of the victims, I think it might bring some kind of closure, but then, their (your) loved one doesn’t get to come back, so is it really closure?

    In any case, I feel deeply for you, and all those who are affected by such horrible, senseless tragedy.

    Big cyber hug to you and yours.

  3. Kaz

    I am still in disbelief that the Apelt brothers came here to the USA to scam and rob people, and actually thought they would get away with murdering Cindy. Before the flippin signature was dry on the insurance policy, they took her out to the desert and killed Cynthia… their actions are remarkable. Thankfully Rudi and Michael dont represent most Germans…but I am really shocked at the lack of respect for laws, for human life, and their greed and lust for a lifestyle they feel they deserved. If Rudi is EVER granted parole, what the hell is he going to do? Who on earth will take this guy in. Convicted rapist and murderer, different victims, violent man with no’soul or conscience. Dangerous man, totally agree and from what Ive read, he really has no family and I think his parents are long passed. What a way to’spend your life… in prison, same with Michael. I bet this is not what they expected when they came to the US. Now this is karma, hands down. And of course no one showed up to his parole hearing, who the hell really thinks he should be released?? Anyways, thanks for posting.

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