Renaissance Husband



Greetings from Sedona where I remain receiving therapy at the Myofascial Release Clinic here. It has helped a great deal but that pesky rib is still healing and giving me off and on fits (pain).

Luckily as I spend most of my time horizontal and on my back, my crazy husband is not only taking great care of me (he extended this stay a week) but also providing first rate entertainment. 

In the upcoming videos, he had just assembled that fold out bed my dad bought and was, well, showing it off.  He also installed this beautiful chandelier for us. Gotta love a Renaissance Husband. The last 3 wks would have been interminably boring (and difficult) without him.



5 thoughts on “Renaissance Husband

  1. Cyndi Platfoot

    What a blessing to have him in your life. Imagining how much things have changed for you in just a year makes me smile!
    How many times have you been in pain from laughing? lol #smallpricetopay


    I think the most important thing in a relationship is the ability to make each other laugh. You are a very lucky girl.

  3. We are in Alaska until 26 Aug as our best friend from Juneau passed on Jun 10th then mom passed on Jun 26th. We did moms memorial on the 11th here in AK. The day before we took her ashes to a beautiful place where she would have loved to be when we lived here until 1984. On the 27th we will fly to Juneau where my hubs will give a part of the eulogy for our friend and then we will take his ashes to the Gasteneau Channel to place his ashes where he spent most of his working life for the AKARNG. I know you know about loss and I’m just now able to let it go. So thats my life this past month and I’m truly burnt out in my losses. So your posts make me happy again. Hugs, friend!

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