window seat (obsession)


window seat 2

Last evening after a long ass day starting with a 4:30 wake up to Alfonse yelling at his voices in Sedona ending with a 4 hour admission to the hospital that afternoon with a drive back to Phoenix and work morning in between, I decided the late night remedy in my near catatonic state was to obsess over my upcoming trip.

I don’t know why but I tend to obsess on the actual room where I stay when I stay away.  Especially at Rancho La Puerta as it’s a big spread out property so location is important.  And each casita is totally different, similar amenities but a different layout.


  I’ve stayed in a different room every time I’ve gone and loved every one for different reasons.  When I change it up like that, I feel like I’m opening a new present every time I get there.  They greet you by the way after your long day of travel with a plate of fresh tropical fruit in your mini frig.


When I went over New Year’s (believe me I’ve never gone twice in one year, this year was kind of an emergency) I had the SWEETEST casita, Flores 23 with a big window seat.  So big it had a mattress practically the size of a twin bed and windows on every wall around it.  Well actually no walls, just windows all around, seat to ceiling, walls of windows.  Almost like a little tree house as mine was kind of elevated, suspended over the green trees and foliage with the mountain peeking out between the branches.  It was Heaven.


There are so many things to do at the Ranch.  In fact, every hour on the hour all day long you have at least 4 amazing things to choose from, like yoga or Pilates or African dance or sculpture or crystal bowl meditation (my favorite).


But really what I want to talk about is my casita, more specifically my window seatS.  As I was obsessing away last night, dreaming about my future in just a few days, I got to thinking about the casita I’d reserved, spacious with a big patio and amazing view of Mount Kuuchuma.  Imagining lounging on a beautiful patio in the comfortable chaise lounges, reading my book gazing at the mountain.  Bliss.

Then last night I began obsessing also about my window seat from last visit.  How nurturing and relaxing it was to curl up in that inside yet outside space.  How I would come home after one amazing day after another, light a wood fire and a candle and curl up with my book or just myself.


Sometimes I would come back after breakfast and forego any morning classes and just crawl in there with my book and maybe even take a nap before, you know, lunch.  😉


Well I couldn’t get this window seat out of my mind.  So I called this morning and asked if that casita was available.  Nope, requested (can’t blame ’em).

So I asked if there was any casita with a window seat unrequested that I could move to and she replied “yes Flores 26 has two window seats“.  Two!

OMG this is the casita I’ve obsessed about on the website because they photographed it for their promotional shots.  I always wondered which one that was as it just looks so inviting.  So relaxing. So cocooning.   So window seated.

I readily said “yes, please change me”.  Obviously, I mean, you know, gotta feed that obsession.

So I come home tonite and turn on my computer and continue my obsessing so consider yourself invited in to my obsession!

Yes I’m using the word obsession way too much right now in this blog but this obsession is keeping me from obsessing.  Know what I mean?

Here’s what I’m talking about so you can see what I’m obsessing about.

Let’s obsess together shall we?


So if you’re thinking of me next week, just photoshop me in your mind in to those window seats.  Maybe one will be my day cocoon and the other evening.  Maybe I will spend the first hour just bouncing back and forth between them like Goldilocks.

Or maybe I’ll just curl up in that big one , the size of a twin bed with windows all around me, put on my crystal bowl CD and fall asleep.  Until dinner.


11 thoughts on “window seat (obsession)

  1. Cyndi Wells Platfoot

    I will definitely imagine you laying in that wonderful window seat with a good book that lulls you into a nap=) Have a wonderful time, I know you will! xoxo

  2. margiyogi

    That’s SO great you will get this 2-window seated room! It makes me so happy to see such beauty – and I’m not even going! Thanks for sharing your joy, um, obsession with us- it’s just yummy…

  3. Patty Raddock

    Oh, the living vicariously thing just doesn’t work for me because I am so so so jealous! BUT, I am so glad that YOU are in heaven for this time. You deserve it. Yay. xoxo

  4. Mario

    I’m sorry you’re going through this again with Alphonse, sweets. Thankfully, the wheel will turn in his favor again. This place looks like heaven and you so deserve it. Love ya bunches. XO

  5. pilcherje

    Oh the ‘vicarious’ works for me! (sorry Patty) I can do that! It’s as close to “obsessing” as I can get! It’s the ‘visual’ of falling into the experience(s). The daylight, the moonlight, the fireside,,. the welcoming window seat/bed and a pillow that cradles ones head. But “two” to choose from?!! Silence. The trees. I could be “suspended” over them…forever! A deep one hour massage…laying in the sun on the patio ~Sigh~ Ok, back to my pizza that I had delivered cause it’s too hot to cook. Thanks for the visuals Kathy! And oh my gosh, Enjoy with all your heart!

  6. Sigh….. what blissful “nothingness” I envision. Thanks for sharing. Go, enjoy, and become reinvigorated. Wishing you nothing but the best. You left us with a beautiful, soothing image, soft as clouds….sighs again in peacefulness.

  7. ritanita

    Kathy, the casita looks like heaven to me. If there is any place on Earth where you can decompress and get yourself back, this has to be it.
    I’m hoping your brother gets the best treatment possible while you are away and you return home to an improved situation.

  8. MsDeb

    Here’s a place where soul, mind, and body can recoup…looks absolutely dreamy! Go with Godspeed and take all our prayers & well-wishes with you, dear Kathy 🙂

  9. N Zedder

    A little slice of heaven…. you will be in a thoughts and prayers ( ya know this dont ya ) really over due for you time.. its perfect Kathy..

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