Last night I went to sleep under a blanket of stars.  I’m not kidding.

John and I met The Boys (Rob and Sean) for a really interesting film and because it was so thought provoking, I was up for about three more hours when we got back home.

After crashing in John’s incredibly comfortable recliner, I finally crawled up to bed at 2 am.

As we still have no window coverings and there are two panoramic windows in that bedroom, I felt like I was in an open tree house overlooking the clear night sky.

I pulled back the comforter and what happened next startled me right awake again.

Just the motion of folding back that comforter caused what I can only describe as sparklers going off all over the bed.  I gasped at first thinking maybe the bed was full of bugs that were somehow scattering and glowing in the dark.

I quickly turned on the light and saw just a normal bed.

Turning the light back off, I spread the comforter back again only to see these tiny fireworks sparkling under my hand again.  I kept doing it and doing it, running my hand over and over the bed and could see, and feel now, it was the static electricity creating this midnight light show.

I even pulled out my iPhone and tried to record it yet nothing came through except the rustling sound of my hand across the linens and tiny crackling sounds if you listened hard enough.

I finally just decided to lay back and pull those twinkling sheets over me and fall asleep while I kept smoothing my hand over and over that blanket of stars feeling its luminescent magic carry me in to the dreamtime.

Sedona is surely becoming a magical place for us.  Sleeping under, and within, the stars.

Artwork:  Blanket of Stars by Aimee Sicuro

9 thoughts on “stardreams

  1. tesstruhart

    I am just a little envious of your magical Sedona getaway. Just a little. Sounds heavenly especially with the twinkling stars.

  2. pilcherje

    You have such a way of evoking emotions and memories with your thoughts, Kathy! Visually too! As a kid, when I found out about static electricity, I’d lift the sheet just enough to see the sparkles fly as I moved my legs back and forth, fast, to create them, listening to the crackles. I’d do it over and over! I’m laughing at myself, this makes me think of the feeling I had when I saw the Northern lights as I drove at 4 AM over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge on my way to work. I was the only one there, blown away by the pulsating colors, I stopped my car to watch them dance in the sky. That giddiness inside at discovering something for the first time, like those lights, it still gets me to this day and it makes me think of how we’re all under that same sky, even as we lay our heads down to sleep. It’s what we take with us when we close our eyes. I’m of the mind that those who have cried so hard can laugh even harder because we feel the most from what we see. Now, chasing a rainbow is a whole different experience! Everyone should have that opportunity because running and laughing at the same time over the railroad tracks, well, there’s nothing like it when you get close enough to see the colors in the mist. Thanks for the memories!

  3. jpaulaj

    Beautiful Kathy – Simply Beautiful . . .
    If that were my blanket, I would never use a fabric softener or softener sheet on it. I would opt for the light show every time.
    God Bless You!

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