shelby lynne



I typically sit each morning with my coffee and water and laptop listening to 968 on the Sirius channel which is called “Impressions”.  That station has turned me on to such good music that I’d likely not hear anywhere else.

For example the singer Shelby Lynne who I heard yesterday.  I can’t find the song I heard anywhere to post but in my searching ran across a session she did with Daryl Hall at his stellar and amazing Live At Daryl’s House show.  It’s worth checking out on the Palladia channel if you get it.

I found this heart wrenching song and in the process went a googlin about Ms. Lynne and realized why I feel such a connection to her vibe even though I’m definitely not a country music fan generally.

I also ran in to these quotes from her on a page where someone has basically just edited some things she’s said in interviews I guess.

“I like strength. I depend on my own.”

“I insist on the truth. I surround myself with people who tell the truth.”

“You know, I’m trying to sometimes sit down and write some stories about my childhood and maybe one when I’m an old lady put them out like a book.”

“I can find some way to make poetry out of my life’s experiences.”

These were the ones that really touched me to the core.

As I read on about Shelby, I discovered that she’s suffered her own family tragedy.  Her father killed her mother, then killed himself.

When she was seventeen.

I’m saying a quiet nod to Shelby Lynne today for pulling me in with her voice and making me stay with her soul.