sara smile



I went a hunting for this song this morning.  I don’t know why now, today, but sometimes music springs up from memory like fresh water containing a pearl.

I saw Rumer sing this with Daryl Hall on his fabulous show Live From Daryl’s House (on the Palladia channel which I highly recommend).  I then went a-researchin her as I’d never heard of her and what a voice!

I ran in to an interview where she was talking about how emotional it was for her to sing this, his iconic song, the one he wrote about someone close to him.  Then she sings it with him; in front of him.  She has her eyes closed most of the time and I recall in this interview (which I can’t find now grrr), she spoke of how she was on the verge of tears the entire time.  Her given name is Sarah so this packed an additional punch of emotion for her.  Doggone it wish I could find that interview again.  I just found it!  It’s on the “Bio” section of the segment.  She’s worth a watch.

I applaud her for her courage to face all of that and still stand up there next to that piano singing this:

I am just so moved by this rendition.  I have my own memory, standing in my living room of my first house in Mesa, the house I was living in when Cindy was killed, the one she lived with me in for awhile.  The house where I started my business, so many memories from that house.  I had to return to keep living in that house filled with those memories after she was killed.

I remember her bringing over this Hall and Oates CD, the two of us popping open our signature Cook’s Champagne.  She called it “Cookins” and would say “wanna get Cookins?” which would start off one of our typical champagne drinking, trying on clothes, listening to music, dancing in my living room evenings that, with every good intention of “going out” often landed in “staying in” doing just those things. We were each others’ best company.  So I remember dancing in my living room to this song and singing it at the top of our lungs.

And I appreciate Rumer singing this song from the quietest, most intimate part of hers.

Ther are some of the memories that are so painful to recall yet at the same time you are so glad you ever had the experience to begin with.  It takes time to open back up to them, at least for me.  Music though, it holds many keys.

She says Sara Smile.  I say Kathy Smile today.


Alfonse and I last night.  I consider it a miracle each and every time we genuinely smile at Christmas. This is one of those miracles.

Enjoy.  Heading up to Sedona in a few for a little road trip to finish decorating and creating my reindeer snowscape and get out on the open road alone for awhile.  I just need that sometimes to clear my head.

Cheers.  And thank you Rumer for inspiring me today.