purium cleanse



I decided I want to blog about this 10 day  Purium cleanse I’m doing because, when I decided to do it, I searched for all the bloggers and their testimonials so I wanted to add mine to the mix.  Please know I’m not gonna clog up this blog posting all about this and will document the entire 10 days here in this post so if you’re interested, please check back.

When I got back from my trip, I was so depleted and exhausted and bloated (we all know I love to indulge on my trips) and seriously praying for a life raft.  On a lot of fronts.  I saw one of my friends and colleagues on Facebook mentioning a 10 day cleanse she was doing.  I trust her and something about her words just ignited a “YES” inside me so I quickly and impulsively signed up.  Then I started researching other people’s stories about it.  I just need a pause and reset and a jumpstart in this health/energy/weight struggle adventure I’m on.  As I’ve said, menopause has kicked my ass.  Energy is a major deal as my adrenals really blew out within the last two years and they’ve just never recovered.


Anyway, I’m not sharing this because I’m trying to promote it or have intentions to do it as a business or anything.  I don’t need another business or source of income.  But I do want to document my progress for anyone interested and for myself as so far, it’s pretty awesome. If anyone out there is interested,I’m pretty sure I can score you a $50 gift card for an order so just shoot me an email and I’ll figure out how to hook you up (like Megan did for me).


After a couple of FedEx snafus yesterday I finally got my kit (it was supposed to arrive Monday grrr) half way through the day so started it about 2pm yesterday.  I’m counting it as kind of a 3/4 day.

It’s pretty basic–you drink these shakes and take an amino supplement and can eat certain foods at suggested times.  And drink lots of water of course.  So here I go.


this is the kit I got – yes with a “celebrity” tape measure lol

Day 1:  I got my kit and read through all the materials (it’s pretty uncomplicated) and made my first shake in my blender with some ice.  I have to say this whole food formula tastes AMAZING.  It’s not too sweet (I was concerned about that) and has a balance of flavors that is very very satisfying.  I got the Apple Berry flavor.  It also has an unusually creamy texture.  It will be very easy to stay on simply because of the taste.  Megan had shared that with me and she was 100% correct.


you can see the ingredients here


i appreciated that the powder was up to the brim of the container–most are about half full!

I basically followed it 2/3 of a one day routine.  Took the amino acids and ate some flex foods they allow including an avocado and cucumbers.  I had also made a rich mineral veggie broth the day before with sweet potatoes, onions, peppers, carrots, garlic, celery–throwing away the veggies after simmering it for hours.  I knew I’d need something warm and savory so prepared with that. It’s delicious.


I also shudder, weighed and measured myself.  If I’m up to it, at the end, I’ll put some kind of before and after pic (eegads).  But for now will just share losses.

I was shocked to wake up this morning and already be down 2.8 pounds and 1 solid inch off my waist!

Now I now that is 100% water and toxins and I’ll take it.  I still feel kind of bloated so we will see what today brings.  But I’d say that’s a very very good start!  I don’t feel amazing (yet) but I will.  I’m detoxing!  It all worked out perfectly as I’m co treating today just for the afternoon with my friend Mya (both of us working together on each patient) and tomorrow I’d already scheduled off!  Everyone says once you get past Day 3 you really start flying.  So….Day 2 is here and off I go!

DAY 2  (total loss 4.4 lbs — 1 3/4 in. off waist — .4% body fat down)

First off, I’m happy to report I woke up this morning and display another 1.6 lb loss.  That’s 4.4 total in just TWO DAYS!

I’m also monitoring body fat with my little gadget and as of today I’m down .4% in fat which kind of speaks to this not ONLY being water weight coming off.

I was glad to have a slow work day yesterday as I was pretty exhausted. I went to bed at around 8pm and asleep before 9.  I slept 11 hours!  I feel rested this morning, not hungry and glad I have the day off. 😉  The stomach ache I had for a few days seems to be pretty much gone.

Alot of other bloggers say Day 3 is the worst and it’s the one I’m embarking on now…but, so far so good!  I’m telling you, seeing the results you see in the morning is a huge motivator.  And you want to see it again so it keeps you clean. More tomorrow!

DAY Ok well I’m officially declaring my Day 4, Day 3 as I feel like crap!  I also showed no weight drop today and my waist has gone back UP 1/4 in.  Wah.  It’s ok though as I know this will be a circuitous route.  And I stayed on the program but kinda got off schedule yesterday and did my shake late after I got home (didn’t plan well) AND forgot the evening dose of the Apothocherry which really helps you sleep and didn’t sleep great.  I feel it.

I head to Sedona this evening after work for some RnR and don’t think I’ll bring my scale.  Gonna kind of keep to myself and read and putter so I’m not too tempted.  I’ll also make some more of my veggie broth as it’s a lifesaver and makes me feel like I’m cooking.  😉

Onward and upward….downward?  Onward!


Yes yesterday was definitely the hardest.  I felt bloated and uncomfortable and hungry!  But I stayed the course and was 100% compliant.  Arrrgh!  At least I’m in a paradise feeling that way.

i woke up this morning feeling much better.  Didn’t bring my scale but did my tape measure- waist is the same (dammit) but I’m down an inch bust and hips.

My digestion has been sluggish and my skin is super dry so decided to have some spinach and garlic in coconut oil…yum!  I’ll take something tonite to ignite my digestion which will help.

pecking on my iPad here so will leave it at this til mañana.

DAY 8   — (-5.4 lb  total / Waist:  – 2 in  Bust:  – 1 in  Hips:  – 1.5 in)

I wish I had more uplifting news to report but the fact is I’m not getting the success I had hoped for, at least yet.  I’ve lost 5.4 lbs and the body fat monitor doesn’t show much change (in fact this morning went UP again–sigh). My energy has been down, my skin dry and I can’t say I’ve hit that “euphoria” that can come with a fast.  I’ve been hungry every day.

I had a similar result with the 10 Day Sugar Detox I did BUT it did release me from my addiction to interest in sugar.  I rarely am drawn to sugary foods now and if I am it’s more in a “that looks so pretty” kind of way.

I don’t know what to make of this but I do have 3 more days.

I’m traveling (again) to Seattle on Day 10 so not sure how I’m gonna handle that.  I might just do a kind of half day that day and then head out.  I just don’t want to be feeling bad or unable to eat anything on the first day of my trip.  Which I’m really looking forward to!

I went to a dance class in Flagstaff Sunday with my pal Wendy and I’m usually very very good in these classes (Nia which I love) but I was so lightheaded I had to keep stepping out of the class. I was also in a lot higher altitude.

So, keepin it real.  I hope to have better success to report when this is all over.