I’m rushing out to get on the road to Sedona but just wrote this in another venue and thought I’d share it here as it’s a Thanksgiving message that sprung in to my brain while making coffee just now.

I’m thankful to you all out there reading too who are making this little blog worthwhile and making me feel less alone in this big ol’ world.

I sincerely hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving whatever you are doing with whomever you are doing it, even if it’s by yourself.  There is always something to be thankful for.

(note “John” in this post is my teacher for 25 years: John F Barnes)

Something John has said only about a gazillion times hit me in a deep way this year. It was (and please forgive if I’m not getting it 100% perfect) “the purpose of your life is to enjoy your life”.

What a simple permission slip. For those of us who have been struck by trauma and tragedy (I know who you are), it’s often left scars in our very identity. Like “this is who I am now: victim”. Survivor guilt becomes a very real fiber woven in to the fabric of “who I am now”. And we become literally that: filled with guilt about being happy and finding enjoyment.
“If that person I lost isn’t here enjoying their life I don’t deserve to” or “If this terrible thing happened to me I have to live with it forever, I owe my sufferering to this event”. These are unconscious deeply rooted belief systems that lock in to the matrix of memory which is our fascial system. They drive decisions, relationships, emotions, daily experiences of life (I know none of this is new I’m just writing it out).

I retook 6 classes this year and dug in to some very deep nasty aspects of my memory matrix and rose up to hear John say those familiar words one day in Advanced Unwinding I think. He said them with such a twinkle in his eye and a light hearted spirit that it hit me like a white burst of happiness inside and it started to grow.

I started renegotiating my life with myself. I thought of my mother and sister whom I’ve lost and how they wouldn’t want me to grieve them forever, they would want me to move forward and live a brilliant life that I deserve. How it releases them as well from any guilt laden attachments to me. I looked at everywhere I’ve tried to “save” others thinking “how about saving myself for once and how about ENJOYING MY LIFE?”.

So I did. And every choice I’ve been making from that point forward is from that pivot point and that permission slip and I’m creating a hell of a fun, interesting ENJOYABLE life right now and feeling this new metamorphosis every day. Like I have a secret and my secret it “I’ve been through Hell and I’m not only still standing, I’m having an absolute ball”.
Then I realized THIS is the gift I’m to give. This being, this living, this enjoying. THIS is what I’m to share.
So, in Thanksgiving, I say Thank you to John Barnes for injecting this deep in to me with your words, for saying it over and over and over all these years so it could finally penetrate and clear the way igniting this permission inside me.
Happy Thanksgiving!


work retreat 2014



I’m starting this post with this photo that shows Mya and I were obviously and clearly working during our annual work retreat at the Boulders resort just north of Scottsdale.  We actually accomplished quite a bit mapping out our schedule for the rest of the year and setting goals for 2015.

We’ve been blessed with what I would call perfect timing.  Mya and I first met when she was living and working in Phoenix as a PT and beginning her Myofascial Release training.  She got an opportunity of a lifetime as a therapist and was offered a job at the prestigious Therapy On the Rocks in Sedona–one of two nationwide John Barnes Myofascial Release clinics.  After spending a year working and developing there, she returned to Phoenix primarily because Sedona wasn’t the best place for her family and children to thrive.


Here’s the kicker though–she moved back right about the same time that I closed the largish clinic I’d been exhausting and draining myself managing for 18.5 years.  I had recently relocated to my current, solo, darling location which turned out was just a couple of miles away from the location she’d been given special dispensation from her non-compete agreement, to restart her practice.

In typical Mya fashion, she contacted me concerned she was “intruding” on my “territory”.  Immediately I felt and said “absolutely not, but we’re going to collaborate”.  And we did.  I was alone as a therapist for the first time in almost two decades and I needed professional support and connection.



sorry so blurry but I love the energy in this photo

It’s been over two years now and Mya and I have developed a seamless working relationship.  We co treat (which means two therapists treating the same person at the same time) one day a month, at least.  We’ve also developed what we call an “Accelerated Program” where people come for 3 sessions per day–2 individual sessions with each of us and 1 co treatment.

We’ve had people sign on for that program for 1 or 2 weeks and come from out of town just for treatment with us.  We designed this program to also flow with Therapy on the Rocks Intensive program and some have used it as a way to ease in or out of that more intense therapeutic experience. With no advertising and virtually no promotion we’ve flourished.  Simply word of mouth.  We don’t even have a handout for our collaborations which is one of the goals we discussed.



So, you see, among the cranberry sparklers and spa treatments and room service, we really did use this as our focused planning time.  And bonding time.  Which is also part of our professional connection!




Not to brag, but to appreciate, if I had an opportunity to be treated by Mya and I in a co treatment, I’d sign up every month.  We have this seamless connection, have never, not once, experienced a power struggle or ego dynamic. We both respect and trust each other equally and often we hear “I felt like one person was working on me with four hands” which is entirely descriptive of what it feels like on my end. 

We often train in MFR seminars to choose a leader for the multiple therapist treatment techniques but we’ve never done that.  The leadership shifts and morphs during the treatment.  It’s like a perfect improv dance.  If one gets an idea and says “what do you think about this?” in terms of the direction to go in the treatment, the other just flows right with it “great idea”.

I think I sometimes take this connection for granted because I do think it’s exceedingly rare.



Our friendship is very similar.  We both talk and we both listen.  We spent HOURS over this weekend sharing, long stories, deep stories, tears, laughter, covering every emotion on the spectrum.  I think it’s a pretty amazing friendship/professional relationship and one that is very very unusual and special to find.  I have never, not once, had a moment of conflict with Mya–on the inside or outside.  It’s astonishing really!


On our full Saturday there, we went for yoga class, a two hour workout in the gym then spa treatments.   I booked this Ayurvedic treatment I’d been wanting to try.  We’d decided we wanted to go later in the day and lo and behold they offered a 20% discount for all treatments after 3pm.  Perfect!


Here is the description of what I got:


A cleansing, detoxifying delight for the skin, Bindi translates to
“rebirth.” An exfoliation using crushed, warm herbs uplifts the
spirit while soothing the body. A light massage, using oils selected
according to your dosha, lulls you into a blissful state of serenity and
concludes with a warm cocoon wrap and facial cleanse.
80 minutes
This harmonizing treatment begins with a soothing stream of warm
oil flowing onto your “third eye” to ease the mind and encourage a
REM state, allowing for the body to repair itself. The oil is lavishly
massaged into your hair and scalp, followed by a light facial massage
(I had the one that combines both of those)
I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever in my life felt the level of deep relaxation or time traveling or whatever I experienced during that session.  I felt such a deep rest and healing that I knew something major had just occured.
Since we both had the shirodhara treatment meaning our hair covered in oil, we decided to stay in the room and get room service for dinner.  We’d also brought a couple ok, four bottles of wine so we popped one open with our dinner and sat on our balcony with some bats flying around us and talked and talked for hours leisurely enjoying our salads and Pinot Noir.
Around 10 pm we looked at each other, wondering if we should go for one of the other bottles–ya know, to just try.  😉  Of course, as usual we were on the same page.  Mya had brought this Tres Lunas wine in honor of the recent Super Moon so we landed on that one (we still brought home full bottles believe it or not).  We took one sip and Mya said “oh this wine needs some chocolate”.
No chocolate!  Neither of us had brought any chocolate!  I’ve been not eating sugar at all really for a couple of months so wasn’t really thinking about it but  yeah, this wine needed some chocolate.
She asked if there might be a vending machine somewhere so I called the Operator Sherry Lynn to ask.
No, this really isn’t the type of resort that has vending machines she reminded me.  Duh.
Sherry Lynn then went in to problem solving this obvious emergency.  She offered that there was a Walgreens nearby (no, we weren’t going anywhere–we were in our jammies and well, would not be driving 😉 ), she offered to open the gift shop and send us a “selection” of candy bars and then she landed on the solution.
“I could send you some of my personal stash–it’s Cadbury”.
Within moments a young man showed up at our door, me answering it in my shower cap and pajamas, and handed me a Boulders gift bag cradling not one, but two Cadbury chocolate bars.  Sherry Lynn was a lifesaver!
We sat there savoring one of the chocolate bars square by square sipping our wine in to the late hours thanking Sherry Lynn over and over to each other when I realized I should have sent her something back!
By the time I came out of this chocolate ecstasy long enough to call and thank her, she’d already left her shift.  I made a plan though.  😉
The next morning I woke up to a wine glass 1/8 full next to my bed and an empty chocolate bar wrapper between us on the nightstand.  I think it took us over an hour to eat that entire candybar.  It was that kind of leisure going on.
We spent the morning hanging out in our beds and I basically told Mya my life story–there were tears and deep sighs  the profound connection weaving between us.
We milked that room right up to the moment of checkout, asked for our bags to be stored and went back to the spa for a leisurely lunch and lounge by the pool.
i like seeing what I look like when I’m totally relaxed
After 3pm we realized it was time to pack up and head home.
As we sat at the checkout desk, we realized that Sherry Lynn was back on shift so asked to meet her!  She looked exactly as I’d imagined with her little southern accent and bright red hair.  She was so happy to meet us and we all hugged and ooohed and ahhhed about her chocolate rescue.  I’d prepared a nice tip for her in a note the night before so quietly handed that to her and said we’d see her next time.
Yes, we’ve already decided we will now come to this slice of Heaven twice a year now–once for our overnight spa retreat (now extended to two nights) and one for just a day at the spa.  We are so smart to do this!  I’m shocked we didn’t figure it out earlier!
I often see these big corporations sending their employees to these amazing work retreats feeling like that’s something I’ve missed out on being self employed most of my adult life.  But no more! We can create our own version of that and we have!  😀
As we left the lobby and the bellman started pulling out our luggage/finding Mya’s keys, our chocolate delivery man appeared out of nowhere.  I really don’t know how he recognized me after the getup I was in the night before at the door in the dark.  He was tickled as well remembering that whimsical gesture he was a part of.  I’m pretty sure he’s never participated in an emergency chocolate delivery before.
And Mya and I know how to appreciate a person.  When he shared his name is Gerard I impulsively replied “oh you even have a sexy name” and he said I’d made his day.  😉  It was a win/win/win love fest all the way around.
I’ll sign off with something I shared with Mya that I read years ago but love.  I think it might have been a George Carlinism but I’m not sure and I’m not exactly sure of the precise wording but it goes something like this:
Ever notice when someone tells you ‘you just made my day!’ , at that moment they just made your day?
Yeah, that.
even though we were seated under these strange feet, we sat at that restaurant having dinner for 3 hours!
Here’s to having our days made and making other people’s days!
Happy Monday everyone!
Oh and just one post script.  I often worry on some level when I leave and unplug like that how it will impact my brother.  I called him as soon as I got home last night and he sounded good–really good.  Told me what he did over the weekend, that he’d just made dinner for himself, that he was watching TV and had done his workout on Saturday.  He’s doing so much better.  I’m so relieved.



I’m here to tell you, life is bombarding me right now with so much intensely positive inspiration that it’s just not gonna let me get caught in any kind of trap of fear or negativity right now.  And I say a big fat THANK YOU back to life for this!  The first week of 2014 was not exactly simple or kind but I’m thinking what it was was necessary.

What’s making itself known without reservation right now are waves of inspiration cresting and falling all over me.  That’s probably some terrible grammar right there but I’m tired and I just can’t figure out how to correct it at the moment so….there ya have it.


Yesterday I received two miracle moments related to my writing that just lifted me right up in to another sphere that no amount of evil or nastiness could ever come close to.

I will write about one of them right now.

I was asked last year to submit a chapter in a book about testimonials related to Myofascial Release being compiled by my friend Phil Tavolacci.  His book was published last summer to great reviews and I was honored to be a part of it.  His book is titled “What’s In Your Web?”.  I’m happy and excited for Phil in completing this project and the success he’s having.


Last weekend I received an email from a woman wanting an appointment, saying she found me via my chapter in Phil’s book.  My schedule is unusually open at the moment so I was able to get her in within 3 days.  She’s only in town for a couple of weeks she said.

I made the assumption that she found Phil’s book because she had a therapist elsewhere or perhaps was a therapist herself as his book is new and highly specialized of course.  So imagine my surprise when she came in and told the story of how she’d found the book and thus, me.

She shared about walking through my local independent bookstore Changing Hands and wandering around and “this book nearly flew off the shelf and in to (her) hands”.  She had heard nothing about me or Myofascial Release before.


This woman shared about how as she read along, Phil quoted someone in his part of the writing who has the exact same name as her mother–first and last names.  Then as she read further and Phil described his own testimonial/coming to become a MFR therapist, he mentions the college he went to and it is the exact college her father went to.

She took all of these things as signs she was on the right track reading about this unique form of therapy.


As she read along, in to my chapter, she realized I was right in her back yard.  And she also knew the primary issues she needed to deal with are emotional, affecting her body physically, which is basically what my entire chapter is about.

She broke down in tears in the waiting room, before the session even started, knowing she’d found a path that can really help her heal her own “ancient wounds” as John F. Barnes calls them.

We had a great session and for me, more than anything, her story catapulted me in to a place of knowing all is well in the world.


We’ve been in the clutches of some real darkness affecting our family including threats and, according to my father,  a potential for violence.  With all we’ve been through as a family, you can only imagine how this impacts us.  I’ve been cutting through my own wall of denial and dealing and alerting all who need alerting.

On that note, I’m meeting with my attorney today to discuss options.  What legal protections need to be initiated to set boundaries for all of us.  I take sociopathy very seriously as anyone should.  It’s inherently dangerous.


Pretty much everyone important in our family sphere, people of influence, have been alerted to this situation and this person which I think is the way to handle these kinds of things.  Shine the light while showing them to the door.


Every single murder victim’s family I’ve ever met (including my family) has moments where they knew something felt wrong and potentially dangerous and wish they’d acted on it.

Well, I’m acting on it this time.  In a big way.


And for that, I feel completely confident.

This individual really had no idea what he was  up against.  I’ve been  prepared for twenty five years for him.


And there is an Army around me…and my father.  This sociopath has no idea…

Now, back to the regularly scheduled miracles that are unfolding all around me, even in the midst of this situation.  I know where the real Power lies.




I love writing this blog simply for the things it’s doing to my brain.  I guess when you have a blank canvas in front of you, you naturally just start inviting possibilities.


I wake up most mornings and lay in bed and wonder what I’m going to write about today.  Sometimes it’s the event of the moment that’s going on but sometimes a memory or thought just pops in and I know “hey, that’s it!”.

Then I have my little ritual–grab my coffee and vitamin water, turn on channel 977 on my Dish Sirius, light a candle, open my laptop and dive in.


Rarely is there a plan and I do very little editing so it’s always an opening of a treasure box each and every time, then I hunt for photos.  I highly recommend this exercise as it stimulates your brain in that right brained creative way that is so opening and therapeutic.

This morning I opened my eyes and was pondering my dream.  My dream about seeking places to hold the Watsu event and I was going to all of these fancy hotels but hiking treacherous trails to get to them.  It was awesome.


I’m still on the very tail end of detoxing an emotional event that occurred last Friday so there are little aha moments peeking in here and there about the lessons that presented themselves and courses of action to take from that small earthquake.  I got to thinking this morning about how sometimes something will occur, a trauma or a loss that has really shaken up your life in order to unearth or heal something else.


It’s like the thing you are really needing to deal with is is so huge or so daunting that tackling it head on just will shut you down even more.   So life comes in with a curve ball, maybe something kind of similar or something with a different trajectory, holding the key in it’s hand to hit the right lock then dissolve back in to the ether as it’s done it’s job.


That is exactly what I believe I just went through.  An example might be a person dates a totally unsuitable partner but gets attached anyway (cough, been there done that) then gets their heart broken by someone they really weren’t that interested in the first place.  But the breaking of their heart, by this person who wasn’t ever going to be that significant in the grand scheme of their lifeline, opened them to heal the one thing, dissolved that one barrier, that was keeping true love from really finding them.

Am I making sense here?


I was reaching back in to my own history to see where this has shown up before and landed on the answer to the question I’m asked probably at least once a month for the last twenty five years.  “How did you get in to this work?”.  Meaning how did I ever end up becoming a Myofascial Release Therapist which is a highly specialized field and I was an RN with a busy nursing career before that.  Totally legit question.

So I will answer it here because it absolutely speaks to this dynamic I’m talking about.  And I also want to say, that remembering this story reinforces this deep knowing to let to go to what is happening on that greater good type level and stay out of the trenches of what perhaps this appeared to be in the moment.  I’m reminding myself “You’ve been here before.  You know this”.  That’s another subject I want to write about one day too.  Just bookmarking it.

So this is how the dominoes fell for me to land in a highly successful rewarding career in my own business as a Myofascial Release therapist for the last twenty four years.


I had been practicing Psych nursing in a busy hospital for about four years when our unit went in to full blown chaos.  A bunch of Drs decided to open their own Psych hospital nearby and started recruiting all of us to move over there.  I don’t know why, at age 26 I think, I decided to stay.  I really don’t remember why.  I had learned and grown on that unit after they recruited me as a student nurse there.  I had a natural affinity for Psych (duh, my dad ran a Psych unit my whole upbringing).  I had worked up the ranks to Assistant Head Nurse working on the 3-11 shift.  In hindsight it was an amazing time, knowing far too much now about how things are run (shudder).  We had primary care, meaning all RN staff.  We would have a patient load of 3-4 each shift under our care exclusively.  We had time built in to spend 1 on 1 time with each one.  I mean like an hour each!  That’s unheard of now.  It was an awesome place to learn, including about myself.

However, once most of our staff left in a mass exodus really overnight, the hospital didn’t anticipate this nor handle it well.  Plus my Head Nurse had left so at this point I was the only RN in management of the entire unit, from the evening shift!  I remember one day grabbing the schedule, walking up to the CEO of the hospital, demanding a meeting and showing him the schedule and that as of the following week we would have half our staff and no one hiring anyone!  It got that crazy.


After about a year of trying to keep my  head above water in that madness (ha right?), a friend called me up about a new facility that was opening.  Now this place was freakin amazing.  We were all case managers, patients lived in this beautiful apt complex in their own spaces and went to work some of them, some stayed during the day.  We had biofeedback, art therapy, I created a relaxation group, we were on the greenbelt in Scottsdale, the patients were higher functioning than in the hospital.  It was so innovative and creative and new.  I absolutely loved it.  I had my own office, worked with cool people, was respected.


Then Cindy was killed.

That’s where I was working when that happened.

I tried keeping myself together, coming to work, trying to turn it off.  I was 29 years old and my whole family was back in IL and I was here alone fielding the police, media, the whole nine yards and trying to work with Psych patients.  I would sometimes sit in group listening to tales of woe of perceived childhood scars and on the inside be thinking “you actually think that’s a problem?”.  It was not good.

I knew I had to leave and take a break.  Cindy had had me on a very small life insurance policy so I had a few thousand dollars coming my way which was big money at the time so I decided to quit my job and take the summer off to recover or just focus on myself.

I had no real plan to support myself yet but I knew clearly I had to leave.  I was too destroyed to keep up that role and I’m pretty sure my coworkers knew it too.

I’ll never forget my last day there.

I had been leading some workshops on the side with a friend and that morning she showed up at my door with a one hundred dollar bill. She’d gotten paid for our class and I had completely forgotten about it.  So she stopped by to drop it off.  How perfect I thought, the day I’m walking off the edge of a cliff here, I’m handed a one hundred dollar bill.


I got in my car to drive to my job for the last time and something happened I’ll never forget.  I was driving North on Dobson, past Main Street and I saw a man on the right side of the road holding a sign that said “Family of Four needs Assist”.  Something about that sign began to sparkle and speak to me as I drove, shaking all over, about a block past, then pulled my car over and started bawling.  I knew what I had to do.

I turned the car around, pulled in to the parking lot and over to him.  I pulled out my one hundred dollar bill and handed it to him and this is where the miracle happened.  This man held out his hand and accepted that bill and nodded his head quietly as if he was imparting a blessing on to me.  I think he even said “bless you” and I replied “thank you”.  It was as if the roles were reversed and I was RECEIVING something from him vs. giving.  I don’t know how else to explain it–our entire dynamic was exactly the opposite of what you would have expected.


I quietly drove to work and knew, then and there, I would be ok financially and not to worry.

A few weeks later, the same friend who had recruited me for that job, had left herself and was working at a Head Injury rehab facility. She was preparing to take an extended European vacation that summer and called me up to see if I would be interested in filling in for her while she was gone.  I was kind of ready to get back to work by then and she made that job sound so amazing so I said “of course”.

I went straight in to another job that I loved.  We were case managing head injured patients who were living on our grounds and out of the hospital and transitioning back to their lives.  We helped them do everything from shop and prepare meals, daily activities, learn life skills.  As a nurse I often accompanied them to Dr. appts. to be a liasion and help explain to them and the Dr. what was going on.  I have to say I absolutely loved that job.


I commuted about half an hour to Central Phoenix to NeuroCare and when my friend came back from vacation, they hired me on.  It was the best of everything, now working along side my friend again too.

Oh and the best of everything sometimes gets better.  They had to move locations and guess where they moved?  Literally around the corner from my then house.  I could walk to work.  The commute was gone.  How crazy is that?

After about a year of working there, my boss came to me and said “hey there is this Physical Therapist coming through town offering a workshop in this thing called Myofascial Release and we want someone to go check it out.  We looked at the roster and since you have that massage thing going (by then I had a small massage business on the side–having taken a 3 week course that summer I took off– really just trading for haircuts in a salon) we thought you’d be the perfect one.  We will pay your way to go if you would be willing to go check it out for our program”.  I had never heard of it before but I said “sure, I’ll go!” of course.


I will also never forget sitting in that conference room in Scottsdale and my teacher John Barnes walking on stage and beginning to speak of this philosophy and feeling as if the clouds had parted and God had handed me my mission for life, right there, through this man.  And I wasn’t looking for a new life path OR a teacher!  But I was looking for healing.  I’d been struggling with that anxiety disorder for years at that point, usually quietly and in secret, and I just knew this would help me (and it did!).  I felt like everything he was saying was synthesizing everything I was learning about healing ever since I’d become a nurse.  I knew this language.  This was the Leader of my Tribe I felt.  A tribe I wasn’t even seeking.   I’ll never ever forget that feeling.  I still feel it to this day.

I completed that course, then he was headed the next day to Sedona to teach two more courses after that and no way could I go to the first one but the second one I could!  One odd side note, we were between our two murder trials right at that moment–talk about timing–and I was to be interviewed for this stupid show Hard Copy for two days during that second class, which was the reason I couldn’t go.  That’s a whole other post maybe I will make one day.

I asked my boss if I could go to the third and she agreed to pay half for that one and I actually commuted back and forth to Sedona as I couldn’t afford a hotel room!


I returned home and that program set me up in my own tranquil treatment room and I began to practice.  There was not one other MFR practitioner in the entire Phoenix area (believe me I was desperate to connect with someone else) so I set about just doing it.  I felt I’d been instilled with so much confidence by my teacher and I had a natural affinity for it and my program wanted it so I set about practicing.  And I saw miracle after miracle with those head injured patients.  I learned from them and I had to get confident about my skills and I did.

A year later, I was on vacation with my family and I knew our program was going through major changes–it was being sold to a big company.  I found out, while on my vacation, that I was losing my job.  They’d laid off my boss and many of us “extra” positions and since they’d already filled my nursing position, I really didn’t have a place there anymore.


Talk about news to find out on a vacation!  Ugh.  I remember feeling scared and flattened–at the time.  I had never lost a job in my life.  My work life is my strong suit!  I always excel in that arena.  I was shocked whether I should have been or not.  It was momentarily devastating.

I came home, packed up my office and then something miraculous happened.  I got contacted by not one, but two independent providers–Allstate Insurance and AZ Work Comp asking me to keep treating their patients.  Those patients had reported the one thing that had helped them the most was the MFR treatments with me and they were losing them so these providers made ME, little old ME scrambling to find a place to put my table, an independent provider.  So there I began, treating those two patients out of my spare bedroom just around the corner.

It was such humble beginnings.


Well now, twenty four years later, one thing led to another.  I just kept moving forward, kept taking courses, became an instructor with my teacher, opened a medium sized center where I practiced for over 18 years and just moved in to my purpose–my destiny.

But I had to get cracked open to do this.  I would have never thought of myself as an entrepreneur.  I’d always had a paycheck.  But I lost that job and it was a moment of truth.  Do I go back to nursing or stick with this thing that I love?


Oh and along the way, I healed.  I completely worked through that anxiety disorder with this work.  I healed and got a life path and career all through the same man–my teacher John Barnes.  His might be the last face I see on my death bed in my mind’s eye.  He’s been that important to me.


So my point is this.  Sometimes the trauma we are experiencing is not what it’s about at all.  It’s about creating a crack, an opening for our destiny to find us.  An abandonment or loss is simply creating space in a dramatic way to see things differently and explore other possibilities or in the case of this last weekend, remind me of the roots of why I got in to something in the first place.

Sometimes that unseen hand will simply lift us up and place us on another chess board.  Getting too attached to the small picture or the one we’re on just creates more pain sometimes.  That tearing is not an easy feeling to feel.

I find that when I remind myself of times when I was catapulted by Grace in the past is some sort of roadmap to the now which as I write this has lifted me to the biggest smile on my face at this very moment.


I invite you to revisit something in your past that felt like an unrecoverable trauma only to realize it was a springboard to something or someone unimaginably greater.

And, please, if you’re so inclined, do share.

I wrote this little post on Facebook in the middle of the chaos this last weekend and I think it was one of the many liferafts thrown my way.  44 people “liked” it.  I hope it’s helpful for you too:

There is always a larger picture going on. Always. There is always something operating on your behalf even in the most feverish chaos- something or someone is steering you right where you’re headed next. Higher ground.