One errant juror hung the Jodi Arias trial in the second sentencing trial today.  Apparently she, like the foreperson in the first trial, refused to deliberate with her fellow jurors and came in to “deliberations” with a decided mind.

This sentencing phase was presented with one theme:  blame the victim.  Hoping that they get just one juror to believe that the victim, Travis Alexander, deserved to be slaughtered.  This holdout chose to believe the lies presented by the defense team for her own personal reasons, clearly based on her own history.  How she even ended up on that jury is a mystery to most of us watching.  How she was allowed to remain, although reported for refusing to deliberate by her fellow jurors is more unsettling.

I applaud the 11 who saw this case clearly and I will be writing an open letter to them tomorrow.  To the errant outlaw who wasted everyone’s time and our taxpayer money with her stubborn weakness, I have some words as well.

But I need to sleep on it.

Justice sometimes comes in forms we don’t expect.

Healing is always possible.

My thoughts and heart to Travis’ family and loved ones tonight after a very very long road.