i declare



a small preview of our spectacular day/evening

My friend Mya did something absolutely AMAZING for me yesterday.  I am going to post in detail on it later because my car is dead in her office parking lot at the moment with many of the photo ops in it (dead battery and I’m waiting for my Dad to give me a ride) but let me just say she took me on an amazing birthday scavenger hunt with clues and presents and experiences that lasted for HOURS.  I will give it the proper writeup when I have all my material but while waiting thought I’d share this DECLARATION I made that kind of came in to my head while Mya and I were working on patients in her office yesterday before the magical afternoon/evening unfolded.

I hope this flies out to the Universe and lands on whoever needs it and back to me like a supercharged boomerang.

Yesterday these thoughts hit me while thinking about recently turning 55 (I LOVE this age and want to squeeze everything out of it I can).

I declare:

I will spend the rest of my life getting more expanded in mind/body/CURIOSITY (that’s the vehicle)/energy/inner space/thinking/feeling/etc.
I want to, as I age, get more expansive in every way I can. I vow to feed my curious mind, take risks, dig deep, reach high, defy logic, refuse to “age” in any kind of expected or conventional way.
Another phase of my life is just beginning and I’m on the runway. I’ve decided to use this gifted life to be all I can be and to continue to learn and be inspired and become more than I ever believed moment by moment until my last breath.
I will be an old woman with aged and learned hands offering treatments to babies seeing their potential reflected in my own that I’ve nurtured for decades paving the way with my own feet. And heart. And courage.
I will expand and feel entitled to every bit of it.
And I will make myself proud as I look forward and back.
That is my declaration!!!