miles of love



I’m thrilled to share my second article published in the online magazine Elephant Journal which I really admire.

This one is called Miles of Love: The Intimacy of Distance. You can read it here.

I’m here at my fiance’s Pennsylvania home right now enjoying time with his darling daughter, deer leaping across the fields, open spaces and snow flurries. I’m here for two weeks working on my book, doing some other writing about step-parenting (which you can see here) and in a few days headed out to obtain our marriage license!


Life continues to get better and better.  As I said to John last night “just how did I ever get by without you?”. He replied “it feels like we were never not together”.





Waaahoooo!  This morning I received news that the first ever article I’ve submitted for publication anywhere, well, beyond my blogs, was accepted!  I won’t reveal much about it because I want to wait for the big reveal but I will tell you it’s about a subject I’m intimately acquainted with and I think my piece is both funny and enlightening.


The online magazine I submitted it to is called Elephant Journal.  I read them all the time linked on Facebook and find everything they put out well done and consistent with my vibe.

Check them out here. 

This is an excerpt from the email response I got this morning:

Thank you for your submission to elephant journal! Yessssss this is so important!! I fall into the category that ….., but I love your suggestions and creativity! Is it definitely okay with your man that you publish this? 

It’s official: your words have somehow inspired our hearts and we’re accepting your piece for publication.

I bleeped out some of it only because it kind of gives the subject away a little bit and I want it to remain a surprise.  But yes, it does reference “my man”.  And yes he’s totally ok with me publishing it.


It is so amazing to be with a man who is so supportive like John is.  He was yelling over the voice mail when I told him they’d accepted it I had to turn down the volume he was so excited.  Seeing he is a fellow writer I know how special this is — that not only he appreciates me but that he has zero competitiveness with me.  He’s just purely psyched this is happening!


It was an interesting process getting to this stage with EJ as well.  I pitched it a couple of weeks ago and they sent it back indicating I needed to give it a more “mindful angle”.  I sat there looking at that phrase thinking “I really have no idea what that means” as directed at my piece which I thought was pretty “mindful”.  I asked for clarification and got a quick response back that made my little ego rise up a bit in a hmph position thinking I knew better than they did about my writing.


Then I went in and gave two back to back treatments and my little inner temper tantrum had subsided and I realized “hey I like this journal and who do I think I am knowing what’s better for them than they do?”.  I put my inner brat to rest and set about editing it, fired it back in and within 10 minutes of hitting send they enthusiastically accepted it.

It’s about the journey people..the learning along the way.


I’ve already got an idea for my next piece but this one I want to co-write with my man.  He’s on board so maybe we will work on it when we are together for two weeks starting one week from today!  yay!

Stay tuned…my piece should go live in a week or so.  And you’ll be the first to know.