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I went to a small movie theatre in my town today/this evening to see two Robin Williams movies back to back:  Good Morning Vietnam and The Birdcage.  Tomorrow Alfonse and I go to Dead Poet’s Society and if I’m still up for it I’ll see Good Will Hunting afterward.  It’s so great seeing these movies again on the big screen and of course, bittersweet.

The whole movie theatre applauded after both films–maybe more for The Birdcage.

I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who clapped after this scene which, to me, is quintessential Robin Williams.

He leaves us with the legacy that mental illness is for real, serious and claims lives.


With that being said, Alfonse and I have a 15 minute consult tomorrow with a Naturopath I found locally who specializes in mental illness.  I’m thinking maybe she can help balance the depression that he’s been struggling with using natural approaches that augment his meds.  It’s worth an investigation.  And thankfully he’s open to it as he is most of my suggestions.  Although his depression seems much better these last couple of weeks, today he reported the worst moments being a 3 and when I talked to him later, a 1.  This is very very good.

Rest in Peace Robin Williams and thank you for all of the brilliance that keeps shining on.

And reminding us there is comedy in tragedy and tragedy in comedy.  No hard lines.

Forever young, forever in our hearts.