I’m here to tell you, life is bombarding me right now with so much intensely positive inspiration that it’s just not gonna let me get caught in any kind of trap of fear or negativity right now.  And I say a big fat THANK YOU back to life for this!  The first week of 2014 was not exactly simple or kind but I’m thinking what it was was necessary.

What’s making itself known without reservation right now are waves of inspiration cresting and falling all over me.  That’s probably some terrible grammar right there but I’m tired and I just can’t figure out how to correct it at the moment so….there ya have it.


Yesterday I received two miracle moments related to my writing that just lifted me right up in to another sphere that no amount of evil or nastiness could ever come close to.

I will write about one of them right now.

I was asked last year to submit a chapter in a book about testimonials related to Myofascial Release being compiled by my friend Phil Tavolacci.  His book was published last summer to great reviews and I was honored to be a part of it.  His book is titled “What’s In Your Web?”.  I’m happy and excited for Phil in completing this project and the success he’s having.


Last weekend I received an email from a woman wanting an appointment, saying she found me via my chapter in Phil’s book.  My schedule is unusually open at the moment so I was able to get her in within 3 days.  She’s only in town for a couple of weeks she said.

I made the assumption that she found Phil’s book because she had a therapist elsewhere or perhaps was a therapist herself as his book is new and highly specialized of course.  So imagine my surprise when she came in and told the story of how she’d found the book and thus, me.

She shared about walking through my local independent bookstore Changing Hands and wandering around and “this book nearly flew off the shelf and in to (her) hands”.  She had heard nothing about me or Myofascial Release before.


This woman shared about how as she read along, Phil quoted someone in his part of the writing who has the exact same name as her mother–first and last names.  Then as she read further and Phil described his own testimonial/coming to become a MFR therapist, he mentions the college he went to and it is the exact college her father went to.

She took all of these things as signs she was on the right track reading about this unique form of therapy.


As she read along, in to my chapter, she realized I was right in her back yard.  And she also knew the primary issues she needed to deal with are emotional, affecting her body physically, which is basically what my entire chapter is about.

She broke down in tears in the waiting room, before the session even started, knowing she’d found a path that can really help her heal her own “ancient wounds” as John F. Barnes calls them.

We had a great session and for me, more than anything, her story catapulted me in to a place of knowing all is well in the world.


We’ve been in the clutches of some real darkness affecting our family including threats and, according to my father,  a potential for violence.  With all we’ve been through as a family, you can only imagine how this impacts us.  I’ve been cutting through my own wall of denial and dealing and alerting all who need alerting.

On that note, I’m meeting with my attorney today to discuss options.  What legal protections need to be initiated to set boundaries for all of us.  I take sociopathy very seriously as anyone should.  It’s inherently dangerous.


Pretty much everyone important in our family sphere, people of influence, have been alerted to this situation and this person which I think is the way to handle these kinds of things.  Shine the light while showing them to the door.


Every single murder victim’s family I’ve ever met (including my family) has moments where they knew something felt wrong and potentially dangerous and wish they’d acted on it.

Well, I’m acting on it this time.  In a big way.


And for that, I feel completely confident.

This individual really had no idea what he was  up against.  I’ve been  prepared for twenty five years for him.


And there is an Army around me…and my father.  This sociopath has no idea…

Now, back to the regularly scheduled miracles that are unfolding all around me, even in the midst of this situation.  I know where the real Power lies.