55 in review



Three days away from stepping out of year 55 and in to year 56 has gotten me reflecting on this incredible pivotal year.


People usually associate year 50 with a big change and maybe that was the case for me but really it was a year of anguish and challenges. Yet I got through it alright and launched in to a new life of shining. Sometimes we gotta go through Hell to get to Heaven.


Just thought I’d do a little retrospective of this year as it was filled with SO much and give it a nod and a bow of gratitude and thanks as 55 really was my year. In all my life, this one was the most remarkable I think.


Spent my birthday last year back at Rancho La Puerta dreaming big once again. I made another prayer arrow and continued to blast in to the Universe my desire for a mate–not any mate of course–MY mate. That was always my wish…for the last 2 decades. Against all odds I kept wishing for it.



I started out 2015 getting engaged. I should be able to remember the exact date and I think it was Jan 9 maybe? My honey put a ring on it and got down on two knees in the middle of nowhere PA on a cold snowy night. He stuck a box in his still decorated Christmas tree and surprised but didn’t surprise me. I returned from that whirlwind trip a woman betrothed (is that the right use of that word? I think so).

Woman Walking Through Door into Meadow

Within days of returning from PA, I pivoted again. I closed up my business for a month, closed up my home, serviced and packed my car and drove off alone on a big adventure to the great Northwest where I lived for just shy of a month, writing. I completed 30 chapters of my memoir Middle Child holed up in a gorgeous studio with a fireplace and a view. I knew the moment it was time to put closure on that beginning of the book and put a pause on it. My wonderful fiance met me up there, we had a beautiful Valentine’s Day in Seattle and drove down California together on our first road trip. It was, as everything is with him, filled with fun and laughter and adventure.


I learned on that drive just how much he knows about cars and trains (it’s really kind of crazy).

While in the Northwest we had our first fight (and the only really bad one–gotta know how to argue right?) and make up. And it’s where we started our ritual of drinking champagne. We pop open a bottle of bubbly every time we meet after time apart now. I love a ritual.


I also planned my wedding there–nearly all of it! I found a designer to make my wedding dress, planned our stay/honeymoon in Niagara Falls and it was a welcome respite to the diving in to a homicide investigation/trial, autopsy reports and mental illness. Some days I just devoted to wedding stuff simply out of maintaining my mental balance.

wpid-fullsizerender.jpg wpid-20150426_181402.jpg wpid-20150426_180922.jpg

(my friend Kathy Winter threw me THE MOST AMAZING shower in April)

DSC_0189 DSC_0165 DSC_0191

I posted all about that here but remembering that trip brings a big smile as we had just a perfect wedding and trip and I wouldn’t ask for one thing to be different. I can’t wait to go back to Niagara–it is truly a wonder of the world!


Although our cross country marriage is unconventional and curious to some, for us it’s absolutely perfect. We are both loners and introverts (I’m a social outgoing introvert which is totally confusing) and have been alone for a long time. This allows us to ease in to this marriage. He makes his money there and of course has his two adult children and darling 4 year old Lillian nearby. I make my money in AZ and have my dad and brother I need to be close to so this is how it works out for us. We are each other’s respite, at times relief, adventure outlet and safe haven. I love being married to this man and just like this.


I’m sure in maybe the not too distant future we will have a different living arrangement but we decided to play the cards we were dealt and couldn’t be happier with it. It’s a life of movement and adventure and exploration. It’s really like the life I was already living but now with a partner. John understands me, my unique challenges and loves me unconditionally. For the first time in my life I know what it means to fully trust a man on every single level. That in itself is a miracle.


About one month from returning from my wedding/honeymoon, crisis struck. I was hit in a parking lot by an 84 year old drunk driver. I was a pedestrian pushing my grocery cart and was flung head first in to another car at full acceleration as the driver’s foot slipped off the brake and on to the gas.

IMG_3165 IMG_3177

What I’m left after going through all of that and the following rehab (which I’m still in) is that my life has new meaning now. The fact that I hit head first, unprotected, with such force and didn’t have a massive brain injury, fractured neck or worse surely has gotten my attention. No one working with me in therapy can believe I wasn’t more injured. Especially when they see a picture of my shopping cart, also hit with the same force–so hard that its momentum kicked a parked car out of its position in the parking lot. Amazing.

I have a renewed sense of purpose after that and am looking at my life in an entirely new way. I also learned about true love and support from a man. My husband was amazing taking care of me for an entire month.


My life hasn’t changed all that much in terms of how I spend my time so I may be married but still have lots of individual time with old friends and cultivating new ones. I vowed not to become one of those “now that I’m part of a couple we only do couple things” type of people so I’m not. In fact I’m even more sensitive to my single gal friends making sure I don’t abandon them now that I’m married.


How could I wait so long to mention my darling stepdaughter Lillian? She has been such a bonus addition that came with my beautiful husband! Who would have ever guessed, me, childless and feeling like I really missed out on something important in life, could at 55 meet a man with a 3 year old? Most people our age have grandkids that age. And honestly I could see a lot of women not being so ok with this situation but not me. I may be one of the few women on the planet who is absolutely ecstatic to welcome this darling beautiful little girl in to my life.


We took Lillian in September on her first plane ride to Maine where we stayed for a week on the beach. It was gorgeous and incredible to have my own family like that, finally. Her mother was gracious enough to allow her to be with us on her 4th birthday–amazing. I absolutely adore Lillian and she feels the same for me. I am so in awe of how my life turned in this way and that I get to be involved with a little tiny girl growing up to a woman and all that comes with that. It’s almost hard for me to write about, this is that huge for me . It’s almost hard for me to take it all in sometimes.


John’s two adults kids are great too–Alyssa and David–and we’ve spent quality time with both of them back in PA as well.

I bumped up my writing adventures this year and got several pieces published in an online magazine called Elephant Journal. I picked them to pitch to because I’d been reading them from inception and felt their publication really matched my sensibilities. Good thing they think so too. You can see my six pieces here. It’s honed my writing skills somewhat as I’m getting ready to dive, again, in to finishing my book next February. Again for a month in Edmonds–this time to finish it.


John and I went back there this Fall to the writing conference where all of this writing started. We met a freelance writing coach/editor who both of us will work with. I’ve decided to pitch my book to some big publishing houses so she will help me with that process. My confidence in it really elevated this year so I’m gonna start big and see where I go. Either way, it will get published and I will finish it. It’s been cathartic and healing for me.


I found a home across the parking lot from me for my Dad and brother to move to which also happened this summer/fall. It’s of course challenging having an aging parent and mentally ill brother yet rewarding as well. I was glad to move them out of the 872 square feet they were living with their 2 cats and in to something closer and larger. I helped my brother outfit his room with a beachy theme and am hoping they are settled in there by the end of the year. I learn patience every day with them (or don’t learn it sometimes).


John (Alfonse) is still singing with the chorus and even went on an overnight weekend retreat with them out of town. This is major stuff considering where he’s been. He even got himself there and back all on his own! He’s up and down with symptoms but I always keep a close eye on him no matter where I am.


John (hubby) comes tomorrow for our next adventure to Santa Fe for my birthday–another road trip! He’s been making arrangements and reservations. It’s so wonderful to be married to a giver–I’ve just never experienced anything quite like it. Well worth the wait!


I’m sure there’s much more but that’s what’s flowing out this morning.

55 was an amazing year of new beginnings and transformation and LIFE!

I head in to 56 even more excited to see where it will take me. I’ve decided my theme word for next year is MOVEMENT. So get ready…things are gonna shake up.


Thanks for being along for the ride all….love you all out there reading and caring. 🙂

mya magic



Good morning all!  I’m finally getting around to taking the proper time to make a post about my fabulous birthday treasure hunt created by my darling friend Mya before Thanksgiving.  And pure magic it was, pure.

Mya and I take at least one day per month to offer what’s called “co-treatments” in our therapeutic modality, Myofascial Release.  This means we get together at her office and work on patients together (two on one) all day.  It’s amazing for us, for them, for the world. 😉  It’s just a great opportunity and I’m very very fortunate to have it.

We get along like peas and carrots.  We work so harmoniously together it’s almost scary.  We have never had one power struggle or conflict…we trust each other and just flow.  I think this is why the therapy is so deep for people because we become four hands from the same therapeutic body.  I learn from her, she learns from me and everyone wins.


We also have developed a very very close bond personally.  Mya is one of my friends who despite having a very very busy life with a business/practice and two young children, always makes time for me.  I am typically revolving, being single and without kids, around other people’s schedules as I’m just more flexible.  But I have a couple of friends who prioritize me in a way that just feels, well special.

The tale I’m about to tell involves that but in such a huge momentous way, it’s hard for me to believe but I believe it.  Maybe this is why it’s taken me a few weeks to write it up…maybe I’ve needed the time to digest it.

AppleHeart-BC v2.2 FA-3

That Friday was like any other co treatment day but we decided to get together after work and go celebrate my birthday a couple of weeks late (I was out of the country the week of my birthday as you may recall).  She asked to get together and easy peasy we were already together so it was perfect timing.

I thought we’d treat til 1:30 then head over to our favorite local hangout the Crepe Bar for lunch.  Perfect!

Oh no, this chick had other ideas and plans and magic up her sleeve.

I asked if we should go in separate cars or what and she sneakily said “no let’s go together in my car, let’s just go out and sit for a moment and decide where we want to go”.

“No problem” I said.  I had been following her lead all day, why stop now?

We climb in to her little sports car and sit and she pulls out this envelope that says Clue #1.


“Huh”?  I think as I see this sly little grin on her face.

“OMG you’re taking me on a scavenger hunt!”

I knew she’d done this recently for her daughter’s BD and so wanted to participate but was in Sedona. She was doing this for ME!

So I opened the first clue which was mysterious but I eventually figured out we were going to a restaurant for lunch called the Pomegrante Cafe.  I’d been wanting to go there forever.  Healthy fresh cuisine, nearby.


Before we pulled out of the parking lot though, she reached back and handed me a big bag with this wonderful gift inside.


We had a delicious leisurely lunch there which I was thinking was the whole day until she pulled out Clue 2!  AND another present!

I finally guessed the next stop…my favorite local book store, near my house.  We drove there and she said “you have something waiting for you at the desk”.  I went up and they handed me another bag with two books in it–one related to writing and one related to dogs–my two big goals in life.  This girl pays attention!


And then yet another Clue surfaced!

This one was right next door…my favorite nail salon and we got matching pedicures. And you guessed it–another present, some fuzzy socks and another clue!


I could hardly believe it…this was a HUNT full of TREASURES the most being the time I was getting to spend with this beautiful creature called Mya.


According to the nail salon clue, I figured we were headed back to her office where my car was parked in full circle.  The final chapter of this magical mystery tour.

Oh no…another clue when we got there…in fact TWO more!  I was searching for a dark veil and looked behind her curtains then remembered a little storage space she has behind another curtain and there it was, a bouquet of balloons!  And in the refrigerator two single bundt cakes!  Yay, the birthday party was complete!  Balloons and cake shared in her office.



Oh no…………I was wrong, so premature!  There was yet another clue and we were back on the road again, guess where?





Everyone who knows me kind of knows of my magical relationship with the Tempe Pedestrian bridge.  It’s a portal to another dimension for me. I’d never been there with Mya yet so off we went, balloons and cake in hand, to the bridge.  And she had a plan.


Once we got over there, there was some huge music festival going on so my regular parking lot reserved and people people people everywhere!  Then I remembered a sneaky parking lot on the other side of the lake I go with my client who takes me kayaking.  It’s right by the beach where we launch the boats.

Mya and I found it and quickly named it “The Sketchy Parking Lot” because at night it’s very very different.  It’s under the freeway and you just feel the nefariousness that’s going on there.  We paid no nevermind, armed with cake and balloons, we headed for the bridge.


We sat for a moment then she told me her plan.  I was to write things with a Sharpie she’d also brought, on the balloons then release them on the bridge walk.

My usual bridge ritual involves walking one way releasing something then the way back filling in the spaces with something new.  Now Mya added a twist.

She had 4 different balloons with ribbons and also had brought scissors (this gal was prepared!) to cut as the balloons released.  I thought of 3 things for myself and insisted she take the fourth.  You see Mya and I were talking all day about a BIG dream she was standing right in the middle of herself.  She and her husband had made an offer on their dream home that very day or at least the day before and were waiting for a response.  It was on our minds all afternoon.


So we both wrote words and drew pictures on our balloons, then held hands as we stepped over the threshold of that bridge.


We decided my balloons would represent 1. something to let go of  2.  something to fill that void and 3. the biggest dream I could imagine.

I think hers was basically the dream part. 😉

We decided to let the actual releasing process happen organically and magically it did unfold.


My first balloon, the something to let go of, decided to get stuck in the arch structure of the bridge.  I just said “it’s ok, it will work it’s way out in time, let’s keep walking” and turned and started on.

Each balloon had it’s own story, it’s own trajectory, it’s own unique way of releasing itself to the heavens.


Mya’s was so astounding as we kept seeing it, in the dark, with this shining blue light embedded inside that reminded me of the third eye blue pearl remaining visible up to what looked like literally the stars.  My eyes were kind of straining so I looked away to adjust them and just as I did, Mya saw that balloon burst releasing the blue pearl in to the atmosphere like a brilliant explosion of blue light.  I missed it so that must have needed to be her personal message.

wpid-img_0144.jpg wpid-img_0147.jpg

As we walked back to the beginning, the “stuck” balloon was gone.  Mya said “you just turned your back on it and it worked itself out”.


I remember feeling no worry about it, just confidence it would find where it needed to be.  That’s how much I trust that bridge.  I aspire to trust my whole life like that.

It was a very good lesson for me though to consider just turning my back on something that is a block to my growth and letting it find it’s way out.  I tend to be a dog with a bone sometimes and this particular word I was releasing is one I have little control over so turning my back with confidence is something that I think will develop in me for a very long time.

After walking both ways, which took significant time, we sat and ate the most delicious moist cakes I think I’ve ever had–in two flavors.


We didn’t head back to the Sketchy Parking Lot until about 9:30 (scissors in hand 😉 ) but we weren’t really afraid.

Mya took me back to my car at her office only to find it completely dead!  The battery had just gone kaput.  Way too much energy to take in I guess.  She drove me home and I wasn’t even upset or worried.  I went back the next day, got a new battery thankful this happened in a safe place, not on the road to Seattle in an open wilderness.

And the next morning, Mya’s offer on her dream home was accepted.


I really don’t think I can add anything more to that.

I’ll let you know as my own dreams start to materialize although for this moment, it feels like I’m living in one big materialized dream.

55 is my best year yet, maybe ever in my entire life.

Now that I think of it, my mother died when I was 5 so maybe this is some kind of do-over.  I don’t know but it’s filled with miracles and love so far.

I can’t wait to see what else it’s to bring.


I love you Mya Swan Rueda!  So much!


My assortment of clues and gifts.  I can’t wait to wear that soft purple scarf over the holidays and those fuzzy socks in Seattle.  ❤



2014-11-06 05.02.012014-11-06 05.06.482014-11-06 05.07.172014-11-06 05.18.58

….and believing.

2014-11-05 14.41.10

And since, shocker, I didn’t take one picture at my birthday party last night (too much engaging conversation), I’ll share the Ranch badges I made for all my friends that we wore at the table.

I already know this year is gonna rock out loud.  Hang on to your everything readers.  We’re about to blast off.

But first I gotta grab a hot mocha from the coffee bar while I finish watching the sunrise from in front of my gorgeous roaring fire.



it’s crepe time again




It’s that time of year again! My third annual Crepe Bar birthday bash! Wow how did that come up so soon? I’ll be out of town all next week when my BD actually is so…I’m kicking it off early THIS THURSDAY Oct. 30 at my favorite local cafe Crêpe Bar ! Come join me and let me buy you a crepe! Even if we’ve never met in person this is a great way to do it and enjoy/promote my favorite place. I will be there from 11:30 until whenever–2ish I guess? I will have champagne for mimosas for everyone with their lovely OJ (or just straight 😉 ) . Please come say hello and let me extend some of the goodness I’ve received all this year to you in celebration.

This birthday is going to be a great one for me as this year has been one of the most transformative yet.  I’ll be reflecting on it soon in a post that’s inside my brain percolating at the moment.  It’s just been the most amazing year and I’m so fortunate to have gone through Hell experienced what’s come from it.  Also, my Dad and brother will be there, you can meet them too!

I’m serious, if you’re local, would like to meet in person, this is a great opportunity.

And some amazingly delicious food to go with it.  😀

crepebarthe man himself Jeff Kraus


crepebar1 crepebar2Pool-side Mimosas at The Standard Hotel

Here’s to life!  And To Innocence!

Thursday Oct. 30 11:30am til 2.

Come on over!




I woke up this morning crazy, unreasonably early at 4:30 wondering if I was really awake or  if it was a false alarm.  Closed my eyes again to check and no, I was really awake so popped right out of bed.  I think I’m feeling so peppy because I’m still groovin on my seriously wonderful day yesterday combined with anticipating my trip tomorrow.

I hadn’t started packing yet so immediately grabbed my suitcase and got a good 90% of that done before the clock even ticked 5:30.  Score!  Good thing as I have to work today and do quite a few things for Alfonse before I leave town.  This transition is going to require some important changes to set up and today is the only day I have to do them so have to make the most of my time.  I also want to spend some quality time with him as I’ll be out of pocket for a week.

Yesterday was a magical, sparkly, neon kind of day in so many unexpected ways.

Last year I decided, on my birthday, kind of on a whim to just throw out a mass random invitation for friends to come meet me at my favorite local cafe Crepe Bar on the morning of my birthday.  I said “let me buy you a crepe and see you on my birthday!”.  I had no idea who might show up so it was even more fun sitting there like a treasure hunt in reverse waiting for the jewels to walk up to me.  That’s a kind of good dynamic to have on your birthday now that I think of it!


last year

I discovered Crepe Bar through an invitation I got to attend their pre opening grand opening.  I went with my friend, another Chef, the beautiful South African Andrea Kretzmann who I also met on a “blind date” of sorts.  I’d been buying Andrea’s savory tarts at the Scottsdale Farmer’s Market for months when she invited me to her pop up dinner at Cycle.  She did a charity dinner, serving her delicious South African food, as a fund raiser for a friend who’s husband had been tragically killed.  That’s Andrea.  It was at that dinner that I spontaneously asked her (then) husband if I could ask Andrea out on a date.  With a twinkle in his eye he went back to the kitchen, asked her and said “yes, she accepted!”.  We went out the first time to Ignite Phoenix and were immediate friends.  I need to spend more time with her and Rocco. Last time I saw her in fact was at Crepe Bar I think!  Here she is with Rocco right there!


Anyway, back to yesterday.  I decided to continue my tradition and throw out an invite and see who shows up.  Even though it was early but I’ll be gone on my actual birthday so this was the day.  Last year my “blind date” was Barbara Walters Harris–we’d been FB friends for awhile and she’s in the hood and she came so we could meet in person!  What a treat!  My favorite local playwright/actress Kim Porter showed up as did my friend Marisa Brazil.  Poor Chef Jeff, the entire power was out in the neighborhood that year so he kept serving us the rest of the warm coffee, cold yogurt and granola. We were fine, having a great time til it came back on.  My Dad was in town so he was there as well as Alfonse of course.


me with Chef Jeff

Since then I’ve become a regular at Crepe Bar, have gotten much closer to the creative and inspired Jeff Kraus and all his staff.  I’ve noticed a young hipster named Chris always sitting in the back left corner with his headphones, working.  Chris and I have been running in to each other for years.  I saw him first at Andrea’s pop up dinner, then he sat next to me in a restaurant in Sedona a few mths ago (I know, how random) then ran in to him at Late Night Love.  I was so delighted to see him when I got there yesterday at 10 and he joined me for a mimosa and we really got to know each other. What an interesting fellow!


me w/ Marisa and if you look super closely you can see Chris and his glasses on his perch in the back

Soon, people started trickling in.  I think Marisa was first, then Marianne I think, then Angie, then this brunette bombshell walked in with big sunglasses and a smile saying “Kathy?  It’s Shina!”.  I met Shina a few years ago at this crazy Snuggie Pub Crawl and we hung out all evening. We became Facebook friends, she reads here she told me (hi!) and she lives nearby!  She was my “blind date” this  year!  Love it!  We made plans to start a walking club together..she’s serious about it I can tell.  I need that kind of motivator!


Julie and her long hair soon walked in and of course Alfonse came early on.  He just ate and stayed a bit as he had an appointment but I was sure glad he came.

Joilyn arrived bearing white cyclamen and champagne.  In fact there were a few bottles of champagne and it being a byob place, they provided the OJ.  😀


Chef Jeff, as usual, kept bringing out tidbits for us to try from delicious sweet salty porridge to granola with the fluffy aerated yogurt done table side to fresh made sweet potato chips with some kinda fairy dust on top to his deconstructed sweet potato/yuzu/ginger pie he’s making for pie social and competing with.  Wow.  Amy’s Pie Social.  My friend Amy I mean. This world of mine just keeps getting smaller…in a good way.

20131101-052753.jpg 20131031-230835.jpg 20131101-052737.jpg

We all ate, drank, pulled Angel cards and chatted, hugged, etc.  Good vibes all around!  I pulled the card Sustenance and still need to read the description.  In fact I may take those cards to the Ranch.  I will make new friends there and I think we will do some card readings.  🙂  I can read all about Sustenance while being sustained down there. 😉



After all that merriment, Mari helped pack up my car and I split to rush down to my next sparkly wonderland–my hair appt with Morgan Hope.  Speaking of sparkle, she used this new metallic glaze on my color called…check this out….champagne.


I walked in with a chilled bottle in my hand knowing she had a frig and an assistant Kaylan who loves bubbles.  Immediately I ran in to a gal sitting at the shampoo bowl and offered her some and she brightened right up “really?” .  “Of course, I have more in the car” I replied with a wink.  We ended up going through 3 bottles that afternoon.  Kaylan had one of her own.  Cheers!

Ironically I got there early so this gal and I visited as she told me how she came in there wishing their little cafe sold wine “so when I saw you walk in with that bottle, I was really hoping…”  Voila, prayer answered.


While I was sitting under the steamer, an email came in from my dear Watsu guy Sebastian, remembering I’m coming down this week offering me to be his demo in TWO sessions (that’s huge).  The fact he remembered I’m coming this week, offering me that (it’s a $180 session and I will get two mini ones so he can demo plus my full BD session! talk about a rebirth!) is such a sign of good things coming in all around me right now.  This vibe I’m tripping on…it’s just psychedelic!  Sustenance indeed.


me w/ Sebastian last summer

Morgan gave me this great asymmetrical funky hair cut.  I love it.  I just hope I can style it half as good as she does.


I had a great time being there on Halloween with the Stepford Wife and Zombie and Frankenstein.  They all do it up there.  It was a bit disorienting when Morgan , with a knife in her torso, would stop in her tracks and get this dead look on her face and freeze when a camera came around.  It was hilarious actually.  I was in there for 4 hours and still not enough time to catch up.  Morgan insisted I make my next appt her last in the day so we can go out after.  I have no problem with that!



Mari and I had talked about getting together later for a snack as I’d be in her hood.  I knew she’d be in yoga so popped in to Citizen for a ginger ale (enough alcohol for the day) and a small bite while waiting for her.  I ended up in a date with Freddy Krueger!


awww true love

Zipped over to TJ Maxx while biding time and got some new soft pj’s for my trip.  I love new pajamas when I travel.  I don’t know why.

By the time Mari got out of yoga at 8, she had various texts from me ranging from “grrrr” to “does Scottsdale not believe in gas stations?”.  I’m not kidding I was driving and driving and not a gas station to be found.  I gave up and met her at the restaurant–the gorgeous Rancho Pinot we’d been talking about. Both shocked I’d never been there.


Of course Mari knows everyone in the restaurant industry in town having worked PR in that biz forever.  It’s fun going out with her. We sat at the bar of course and the beautiful Chrysa Robertson, chef and owner hung out with us quite a bit.  She’s a hoot.  Back to Amy, she did a recent story on Chrysa and had told me I would like her and she was right.  In fact as we were talking about Amy, she sent me a note after having seen my “check in” on Facebook to tell Chrysa hi.  Serendipity.


Chef Chrysa’s hand casting a spell over the fettucini

Mari and I shared fettucini with butternut and duck and lamb gnocchi. We said it was an early Easter dinner (I know, bad).  I’m so glad I had a bit of a sweet tooth because I tasted the most delicious dessert I’ve had all year:  lemon verbena panna cotta with passion fruit syrup, persimmons and pomegrante.  Unreal.  Just an explosion of flavor.


We met the Geico money man and Mari introduced me to Nils Lofgren, Springsteen’s guitar man and his wife Amy who told me to put my geranium leaf garnish in my bra and I did.  😉


We finally said goodnight at 10:30 and I headed out with my low gas gauge.  Imagine that it showed I had 29 miles left, then it went down to 26 and suddenly the needle went up half way home showing I had 30 more miles.  I took that as a sign that I have an abundance of sustenance, an angel was giving me fuel and I’m safe always.  I hit every green light on the way home.


What a day.  What a send off to this sometimes arduous 53rd year.  What a foreshadowing of things to come.  Keeping my eyes open for doors, windows, energy moving and I’m moving through it all. Green lights all the way.  So much love and abundance and sustenance and joy and laughter and deep meaningful connections flowing my way.

I’ve been listening to this song for 15 years in my Fascial Dance class while guiding people to sink deeper in to support while offering it at the same time and rising energy up up up at the same time.  I do think things have gotten easier.  Thank you to All that Sustains All.

Livin the dream people.

Thanks for coming along. xo