This is innocence

Rudi Apelt died of natural causes in prison this morning. Those are all the details I know. My attorney was informed and called to tell me. Over thirty years of having to deal with this evil; it’s over.

I cannot tell you the instant feeling of relief I had that has only deepened over the last three hours since I found out. My shoulders are dropping back to a place they have not visited in a very long time. I feel so free. I didn’t know how deeply I was carrying this trauma that just kept resurfacing, now that it’s gone.

This means no more parole hearings, ever. No more intrusions from his team of champions (although once they got him off death row they did exactly as I predicted in my impact statement–dropped him like a hot potato–not one, literally not ONE of them ever showed up at a parole hearing after spending about a decade fighting for him and his “intellectual disability”).

Michael, although having just launched a huge long appeal, while being on a list of 20 inmates who “have exhausted all appeals” (yeah try and figure that one out) will never be up for parole. So I’ll only have to deal with him sporadically as his appeals present themselves, but not every year like I did with Rudi.

Anyway, he’s dead. Thank God. I just wish my Dad had been here to experience this relief. He missed it by six months. Dad, he’s gone.

No press release yet, but here’s an article about one of his parole denials.


9 thoughts on “gone

  1. Kim

    Thank Heavens!
    Thank you for letting us know.
    I cannot image the flood of emotions you and your brother must be feeling.
    A little bit of Divine Justice!
    I pray for comfort for you and your family.
    Kim in NM

  2. Gail

    Wow… just wow. Don’t you dare feel anything but relief. I hope you can spend the rest of your life with hope and peace.

  3. Megan Oglevie

    So relieved for you.  I cannot I’m imagine the multiple traumas you experienced throughout this lifelong ordeal.  Sending you big hugs & all the love. Megan

  4. Craig Stewart

    Thoughts are with you. The Stewart clan sending all our love and wishing you the peace you deserve.

  5. cheryl foldes

    Death for these monsters doesn’t come soon enough. Your fight is over and his evil will finally have the final judgment that no lawyer can appeal. Thank God he’s gone to hell.

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