Our father, the icon, Jack Monkman, passed peacefully in his sleep this morning at 3:45am. I had been at the bedside for 11 hours, then went home for a shower and sleep and got the call three hours later.

Earlier in the evening, I had turned off both the motion detector devices on the floor the facility placed by the bed for patients who are fall risks. They set off a smoke alarm kind of beep when detecting nearby motion. All of a sudden an hour later, one of them started going off randomly across the room – no one had passed that area or even near it.

I figured Cindy announced her entrance to the space and a few hours later shepherded our father Home.

We will love and miss you forever Dad. And as I told you, we have John carefully tucked under our wings. All is taken care of. Be free. We will be looking for you when it’s our time- and in the meantime, we are going to enjoy every minute of our lives and take the Monkman name out in style.

Jack Monkman 2/1931 — 10/2021

10 thoughts on “dad

  1. Patty

    RIP…what a beautiful “goodbye”. Glad you were nearby and such a comforting feeling he must of had. Take care as always and my thoughts are with you and your family. He raised a beautiful, kind, caring soul to which I am sure he is enternally grateful and always proud of in so many ways!

  2. Paula J.

    Profoundly beautiful Kathy♥
    You created a royal work of art in your send-off on your Dad’s journey home.
    There are Gentle Precious Memories that have always surrounded your Family.
    Your Souls are all Beautiful.
    They reflect the Immeasurable Beauty of our Universe.

    Love from Paula ♥

  3. Kimberly Bartlett

    Prayers for you and your family.
    My father also crossed over last month.
    Thank you for the confirmation that we must go out now and live our best life. ❤
    Thank you for sharing great stories of your dad with us.
    Kim in NM

  4. M F Domagala

    I will forever be able to hear your father’s voice, so many great and fun memories at all the group (large and small) events. From dinners & parties at our house to the Saturday guys breakfasts at White Horse I would crash every once in a while. Fantastic photo of him you posted, and of course fitting that he’s in a Well’s Beach sweatshirt. I’m so sorry for your loss. 90 is impressive, but of course it’s never enough time no matter how good and long the years. He certainly lives on in our hearts.
    Our sympathies to you and John.

    Mick & Kathy

  5. Carol M Davis

    Holding you all close as you now move into rest and mourning this powerful man in your life. You are an outstanding daughter, offering love and energy when you had little to give and not much coming back. Well done you.

  6. Joilyn Owen

    What a beautiful tribute to your father. Thinking of you in this sad time especially, my friend. Wrapping you in love and light!

  7. Steve Parks

    I am sorry to hear of your Father’s passing. He touched a lot of lives here in the physical World. I can only imagine how beautiful his reception will be with Cindy. Your Family is in my thoughts and.prayers. God Bless…..

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