John was discharged yesterday and is happily home. He was doing great yesterday–my Dad was more anxious than him, trying to sort out his meds. I’m sure he’s suffering some form of PTSD after going through up close and personal what we all did five weeks ago.

Hopefully we hear back from the Continuing Care Community today about the house. I sent them the beautiful letter the hospital sent on my brother’s behalf, along with his med list which is amazingly simple, considering.

Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com

I dreamed about trying to find a key last night and it just being out of my grasp. Duh.

I hope to update with jubilant news in my next entry. This living in limbo is for the birds.

Speaking of birds, (loose association alert), I think my homemade rabbit repellant spray just might be working on my community cutting garden. They did nail an entire section of my tulips though. 😦 I’ll know for next year.

My neighbor loaned me her big garden owl that I plopped in the center- so today I’ll head over to obsess check again.

Oh! And one of my peony plants peeked out yesterday.

New beginnings all around.

4 thoughts on “home

  1. Paula J

    Thank You for the wonderful update.
    The picture of you and John is beautiful.
    Thank You for sharing it.♥ ♥
    The peony make me think I must get one too.

    Love to You and all of Yours.
    Paula J.

  2. Lora

    So glad to hear good news!

    Regarding your community garden, as I read it, I flashed back to being a little girl when my mom had a community garden plot! We had gone to weed or pick vegetables and I found a little frog and when I picked it up, IT PEED ON ME!🤣 I guess that was its advanced biological defense system against human children. It worked! I let him go, pronto!

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