More Crocus

Well, we are still in a fast time of change, but things are realigning more and more and less disintegration each day.

(Not gonna lie, that was a brutal phase, though)

It’s gorgeous– still crisp and cold–but sunny here in Central PA. I took a long, winding country drive yesterday to pick up some packages of smoked cheese from a vendor I met awhile back. He smokes everything and his smoked cream cheese is just nirvana.

I’d never been out his way before, as I met him at a fair, but I welcomed the outing and the views while catching up on a bit of news. I’ve been limiting my exposure to news and things like that lately. I even took the Facebook app off my phone awhile back. I know; shocker.

Checked on my 2000 or so bulbs in my cutting garden and dammit, those rabbits are feasting on my tulip shoots. SO, I brewed up a nasty spray that will hopefully be a repellant. I put a bunch of garlic cloves, red pepper flakes and dish soap in some water and sat it in the sun. I did my first spray last night so please please please bunnies, find something else to eat. They don’t seem to like my daffodils though, so there’s that. This is at the community garden plot and a total experimental flower garden this year, so I guess this is part of the experimenting!

My brother called me yesterday and we had a 26 min. conversation about everything. Mostly the move and their new home–fingers crossed that we get it, which is looking really good.

I love his social worker at the hospital. I told her that the Community we are planning to move them to will just need to see his discharge records from this hospitalization to finalize things. So, on her own, she decided to craft a letter on his behalf along with his doctor. We should finalize things there in a few days, but I’m feeling more optimistic each day.

Sometimes I wonder if staff in these facilities are so unused to their patients having family who care so much about them–and advocate so strongly for them–that either we’re a breath of fresh air or a pain in the ass. Both, I suspect, depending on the person and the quality of care they are delivering.

I feel certain he will be discharged tomorrow and I think everyone is ready for that. Including my Dad. It will be a transition though, and a delicate time.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2415.jpg

I’m sending him a celebratory meal tonight–so far I’ve sent pizza, then Chinese food (which he loved), so he asked me to surprise him for tonight. So….drumroll…..his going-away meal is Mexican (shhh, keep it a secret). I was literally drooling looking at their menu and all the seafood options they have. I did add a grilled shrimp taco to the order (I want that).

So…onward we go. Today is another gorgeous day out there, so I’ll be outside pruning in my home garden, then doing my Mr. McGregor thing and see if my tactics were successful.

And I’m gonna cook something today. Not sure what, but it will be delicious.

Have a great Sunday out there, friends.

Cute pic I took of my husband last night, because we were having so much fun watching our shows and he just looked so adorable

3 thoughts on “realigning

  1. Kim

    Glad to hear of happier days. I too have removed my FB and staying clear of all the news. Tired af all the fear mongering. Spring os hear in New Mexico too. Clearing and cleaning ..preparing for new sprouts and new beginnings! All the best for your family. Thanks for sharing. Mmmm
    Smoked cheese sounded wonderful!
    Kim in NM

  2. Carol M Davis

    In our backyard on Walnut Street in Williamsport, bunnies would come each spring and eat the purple hyacinths….but never touch the yellow or white ones. The sweet smell of the Susquehanna River in spring awaits you soon….enjoy your well crafted and well earned life my friend. Blessings on your big move adventures.

  3. Paula J.

    I have always loved reading your family updates.
    The ups and downs of all lives sort of grounds me.
    I feel lonely and naked since I deactivated my Twitter.
    I’m getting used to it as I am nearing a week.

    May all of your family continue to be richly blessed ♥

    Love from Paula

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