better, yet

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My brother received his pizza, salad and Diet Coke dinner last night. Then we ended up speaking on the phone for thirty-one minutes.

It’s kind of how it happens. He may not even remember the fears he had about me last week, so I don’t bring it up, ever.

He spoke of our past, memories of our Grandma, his desire to come to Pennsylvania and live close to us.

He spoke with John and Lillian and how he misses them, and his concern for his roommate in the hospital.

Tonight is fettuccini alfredo with chicken, per his request. I found one with broccoli to appease the nutritionist. 😉 The order is already in. Everyone needs something to look forward to.

He’s lost twenty pounds in the last month, which he feels good about.

I’m still really, really exhausted and taking it easy.

But I slept seven hours straight last night. THAT is progress.

Thanks for the love, out there. We are feeling it.

10 thoughts on “better, yet

  1. Kim

    What a relief for you and your family!!
    Amazing what the right medications can do. So happy to hear you have yoyr brother back! Nothing like good Italian food ti soothe the mind, body and Spirit!
    Continued prayers for you and your family!

    Kim in NM

  2. Lilibet

    Whew! I’m so glad to see the wonderful change in your dear brother and that you got some much needed sleep. Keep resting. Love and hugs. ❤️

  3. Patty

    Keep the good news coming! Now I am praying that the CEO of the Assisted Living not only listens to all you presented about John but if there is any hesitancy-a doctor would be able to step up on John’s behalf. There are a lot of regulations in PA assisted living facilities.-even more so since Covid19. We are just starting to allow limited family into the facility. It was mostly all “window visits”. I am sorry if jumping the gun but I just hated reading that part how someone dropped the ball on that yearly form that should of been up to date. In no way do I want to cause anymore stress and please just disregard if you know this already. You are doing a great job-family mental heath issues are very difficult to navigate along with everything else going on. I love how you stay in the moment with John and don’t look back. All the best to you and your family…

    • The place we are trying to get them in to has 3 phases and they are going in to independent living- a totally remodeled two bedroom large duplex with lots of yard, a sunroom, etc. Then they have apts for people who need more care then the skilled nursing facility. But ya know? I told my dad this morning, if time was not on our side with this community, there are two more in the area we can explore. If this door closes, we just look for the open one. Thank you for sharing Patty. I appreciate it.

      • Patty

        Oh OK now I see. That is exactly the kind of place I work at -we call them Continuing Care Facilities(CCF). I work in the SNF(skilled nursing facility) part-where there are LTC-long term care residents and also short term rehab patients. There is also Independent Living and personal care/assisted living on the same property. You have the right attitude…it will work out. There are so many of these CCF in PA, just check the reviews on the info they provide on each facility(by state, zip code, etc…) gives you a great deal of insight into the future if and when more assistance may be needed. If you have any questions about CCF….I will be happy to help in anyway. Having had a father with schizophrenia is different than a brother but the stigma/disease is the same beast. Only way we could get him help the last time was to evict him(court ordered) from the house-cause we could not prove he was a danger to himself or others. When he tried to re-enter the house he was unfortunately arrested/handcuffed and sent to jail for unlawful entry. In jail he was beat up by other inmates but eventually sent to a psychiatric hospital(where he should of been in the 1st place) stabilized and they found him placement in a live- in group home near by. He lived peacefully there for 15 years, medicated with Abilify until he passed(@ age 78) after complications from a surgical procedure. Well take care …and keep eating the pizza in moderation. Hope you had a “Philly style” tomato pie at some point, even better then the donuts! Ha,Ha!

  4. Sebastian Skinner

    Glad to hear about the update with your brother, And also that you got a good nite’s rest! I hope the independent living situation works out. I work at a place like that in Bozeman as a Care Partner. I work in the memory care section taking care of the residents with different stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s in their little room/apartments. Across the way the have the duplexes talked about for independent living, which makes it a smoother transition to move over to the other building /small studio rooms for more assistance and interaction with others. Sending you lots of love and big hugs!

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