The facts


If you are so inclined to familiarize yourself with the facts of my sister Cindy’s murder, before viewing the True Conviction show about it on Tuesday 2/13, this link lays out the sequence of facts pretty succinctly. It is from the 9th circuit’s decision that denied Michael Apelt’s ineffective counsel appeal that was getting him a new trial (denied Dec. 2017).

When you read this and the details of these sophisticated con men, remember that over 10 million tax payer dollars went to try and prove they are both “mentally retarded”. That appeal was successful for one of them. That is you and my tax payer dollars going to these Germans who never paid a dime to US taxes, and who murdered an American citizen who did.

The details start on page 5 of this link under “Facts”.

Click to access 15-99013.pdf

3 thoughts on “The facts

  1. Rita


    I’ve followed you since Scott Peterson, through Jodi Arias, and on through all your blog entries. Your program tomorrow is set to DVR tomorrow (as are all episodes of this wonderful program).

    It’s time for Cindy’s case to see day of light to a wider audience. I also wait with great anticipation for your book to be finished, published, and distributed.

    Thank you for all the background information.

  2. I finally got through all the documents and watched the show. I was slightly disappointed that so much more info is in the docs than the show, but I know they are limited by the time factor. I felt they did a good job. You were great, KCL. Of course, I never worry over how you present the facts and your love and devotion to Cindy. I am going to be even more prepared for the book to have a lot of emotional impact now. Those documents were blinding with details!

    Sending you a motherly hug and blessings on your accomplishments … too many to list. Keep going, luv. Your life is filled with goodness and love, every day. ❤

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