True Conviction trailer


Well, the episode of True Conviction on Cindy’s case is coming up next week. They are now airing the trailer for it throughout the day on Investigation Discovery. I’m really glad Cathy Hughes’ voice and face are included because, as far as I’m concerned, this show is a long overdue honoring of her (as well as the Detectives).

I just recorded this with my phone, so please excuse the poor quality. Now let’s see if i can get it to post.

Remember, it airs next Tuesday, Feb 13 at 10pm EST on Investigation Discovery.

2 thoughts on “True Conviction trailer

  1. Shelli

    I’ve been waiting for your episode to air. It’s been incredible reading (following) your story and “watching how it all has been folding out- your beautiful sister’s life and death, the aftermath of her heinous murder, trial, convictions, the legal system, your involvement with The Alexander Family, finding love, becoming a step-mommy, writing a book and now this ID Conviction Special. Serendipitous!

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