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Investigation Discovery Network is premiering a new show this month called True Conviction. The host is a former Brooklyn prosecutor named Anna Sigga Nicolazzi who had a 100% conviction rate. Her emphasis is going around the country, finding prosecutors’ most challenging cases and detailing all involved in obtaining a successful conviction.

My sister, Cindy’s case, is one they are highlighting in this six part series. They are doing a full one hour show on it. I was contacted out of the blue last Fall by a producer, who had stumbled upon our case in some Newspaper site. Kind of impeccable timing as I’ve been diving back in to it for the last three years, working on my book about it. I had so much information that they needed at my fingertips–records, photos, etc.

Yet, rummaging through all my stuff, allowed me to find more photos and even an audiotape from Cindy that I had not seen in decades. It was a bittersweet, but mostly healing  journey for me, and I’m glad I did it. The producers, show runner, crew and Anna Sigga herself treated me with such delicate respect. They also flew my husband John, out to AZ to be with me the entire time (and boy did I need him, even just for logistical things but mainly the moral support).

I was filmed in my car with Go-pro’s all installed and on top of a mountain in an outdoor set they created just for my interview. There were hugs and tears throughout the small crowd.

I also got to reconnect with some of the Detectives involved. The timing of that was perfect as well, because they got to see the end of the story with me--finally having found love and a stable, healthy marriage after all this time. It was so heartwarming all the way around.

Cindy’s killers, while on Death Row, have received so much attention (and financial support) all of these years. The spotlight definitely turned on to them as “victims”, vs. my sister. It’s been a nauseating and frustrating process to have to be involved with, say the least. How refreshing to be involved in a show that is 100% focused on the prosecution, giving them zero platform. And, most importantly, our amazing, never to be forgotten, prosecutor, Cathy Hughes who is the HERO of this entire story. It really is about her, a story long overdue. I cannot ever, EVER say enough good things about Cathy Hughes, one of the best, most amazing humans I have ever known.

I recently got a confirmation on the date the show will be aired: Tues. February 13 at 10pm EST. Investigation Discovery channel. Again, the name is True Conviction.

Here is a blurb I found:

“Deception in the Desert” premieres Tuesday, February 13 at 10/9c
An unidentified young woman is found murdered in the Arizona desert on Christmas Eve, 1988. Detectives soon learned her name, Cindy Monkman Apelt, who was reported missing by her husband the night prior. As investigators painstakingly piece together an account of Cindy’s final hours, they move closer and closer to revealing her killer. Prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi revisits the shocking crime with the detectives and state attorney who solved the case and ultimately won justice for Cindy’s family

I plan on doing some kind of Live Facebook Q & A after the show sometime. Not immediately after, but maybe the next day. I know there will be many unanswered questions, so I will do that in that format if you want to participate. I’ll let you know more details closer to the time.

Thanks for the support guys.

14 thoughts on “True Conviction — Investigation Discovery

  1. Carol Davis

    Oh good, I just checked and I do get this channel, so I will be sure to tape it. It’s in my calendar. Blessings on you — there are many layers of story to be found in this …I hope some become more clear, and I trust that because you are the story teller for some of it, people will be led at least to the doorway of some of the other layers besides what is written in the advertisement. Love to you. Carol

  2. Kathy, I’ve tried to leave a response couple of times to your posts, but I’m not sure if you ever get them. I know we don’t know each other, but I wanted you to know how much I admire you, your grit, your beautiful writings -sometimes heart wrenching yet always hopeful and your gratitude for the past and the here and now. Just a few words to describe you would be: fearless, compassionate, courageous, beautiful inside and out, loving, empathetic, intelligent, truth/justice -seeker, victims’ rights advocate and a total bad ass. I wish you nothing but best in all of your endeavors, will watch ID’s Conviction about your sister’s (and yours) story and look forward to reading your book!
    Best regards,

    • Wow, Shelli, what incredibly nice words. I’m humbled to think I stand up to any of them. I’m glad you are out there reading and appreciating. thank you for following along and sharing. ❤

  3. Audreyparker


    I’m definitely going to watch the show. I saw a promo for it about a week or so ago and there you were! It was just a couple of seconds but I said – there’s our KCL!

    I’m also looking forward to your book and will definitely purchase a copy.

    I have not been through the experiences you have been but I am so appreciative that there are people like you who will tell your story and fight for not only your sister but for others as well. Thank you for all you do and also for sharing your story with us. I know all this is very difficult for you and I very much appreciate your openness and honesty. Wishing you lots of blessings, love and light!

  4. Kim Bartlett

    I have put it on my calendar.
    Thank you for the info and so happy to hear your life is full of love now!

  5. Molly Ward

    Hi Kathy,

    We met a few years ago at Rancho La Puerta and I have never forgotten you or your story. Will definitely tune into this episode. So happy to read of your marriage and so glad that the process of participating in this was a positive experience for you. Much love!


  6. Marian Veenker

    Kathy, I am not sure if I should leave a reply here, but the case is near to my heart as I have been writing with Michael for 2 years now. I don’t know if he did the crime or not. All I know that he wholly believes in his innocence and that he has been treated very badly in the American prisons. Even Amnesty has made a report about it. He has been in solitariy confinement for over 25 years. If he was ever guilty he has had his punishment. Each person deserves forgiveness.
    Of course I cannot or ever will be able to understand your pain and anger. All I know is that forgivess is the best healer. I wish you strength and courage and above all healing.

    • Marian, I do understand that there is a culture of people (usually women) who feel the need to write murderers in prison and feel sympathy for them. Some even marry sociopaths like Michael Apelt (one already did then divorced him as I understand). I do understand this phenomenon and like you cannot understand my pain, I certainly cannot understand your motivation for this attempt to save a murderer. Yet I would not ever take it upon myself to attempt to “school” you on how you, a stranger, chooses to live their life.

      Michael Apelt, wearing the same European -made, size 15 Reebok tennis shoe (you do know he’s 6 foot 7 , so has an unusually large foot), stood on my sister’s face while she was still alive, leaving his foot print behind as a bruise. I guess you might think there would be another man, who purchased a unique European Reebok tennis shoe with this exact same print, who would have had a motive to kill her and lie like Michael did about “ever wearing tennis shoes because they made his feet stink”, who committed this murder. Guess that didn’t work out too well, when a photograph was discovered still in my sister’s camera, of him posing wearing those exact European made Reebok tennis shoes, of the same large size. Maybe you saw this photo on True Conviction. It was real. The jury who convicted him saw it blown up as poster sized in the courtroom. Of course he disposed of the bloody shoes, as he did his clothing, according to his other accomplice Anke Dorn.

      Or a man who commandeered the car Michael was known to be driving out there in the desert that night, destroy the tires, then have those destroyed tires recovered which matched the tire tracks at the scene. I could go on and on but perhaps you would like to purchase and read the book I’m writing on the case when it comes out.

      In the meantime, maybe you’d like to contact his appellate lawyers who have already admitted he committed the murder (and conspiracy) yet claim he was “mentally retarded” at the time.
      Or you could choose to believe this con artist, because it seems you get something out of it.
      But surely, we can both agree, that I’m not going to join you in your confusion. Keep reading, hopefully, you will learn something.

  7. It makes me sick to see women still falling for Michael Apelts bs. I was involved with & married (and divorced 8 months later) Michael in the early 90s. He conned and used me. I wish I’d backed out of the marriage like I’d wanted but Michael even conned the priest so he convinced me to go through with it.
    His execution can’t come soon enough for me. The fact that his equally twisted brother won’t suffer the same fate is a shame.
    I’m glad you are writing this book. The truth needs to be told. I know for a fact he is 100% guilty and to the woman who’s been writing him don’t fall for his lies. Been where you are none of it is real!

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