4 thoughts on “Dirty John, etc. The rest of the story.

  1. IfIMay

    Thank you! I watched the episode last night and felt this feeling but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. Because it was an abbreviated collection of facts, I found the LA Times link and read the full story. I completely agree with your assessment. She willfully chose to be flattered over the safety of her children. Who does that? Another empty vessel of a person not that unlike her “dreamy” husband. I hope to hell that Jacquelyn can help Terra get away from the influence of such a destructive source as their mother.

  2. Paula

    Very astute observations. Thank you for putting so eloquently into words what has been likely bothering so many… I hope Debra is able to be more introspective in the future. The common denominator in all of her choices is her, it is concerning that she does not take more accountability for her part in this…

  3. I wonder how her businesses will be doing after this story has been told?
    It’s amazing to me that her daughters are way smarter than she could ever hope to be, thank God. The Mom is a piece of work, however, she definitely took after her own Mother, how odd is that?
    Feel so sorry for the daughter who has to not only deal with her PTSD, but to hopefully have to heal from a so-called Mother who put her and other family members in danger. Very wicked indeed.
    Appreciated the fuller details of this horrific story.

  4. Hester

    I am glad you shared. Thank you. Those loser power hungry men victimized the women and children. The mom in the other story should have been stronger to help herself and fight for her children. There are similar stories. It is a blessing you shared and thank you for sharing your story. It is a tragedy but you have helped save lives.

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