Hi! I know I’ve been way absent lately so taking this small moment I have at the airport in Philly to shoot off a holiday post and to say hello and hope you all are having a fantastic beginning to 2016!

I was supposed to be boarding this flight 2 nights ago but got to the airport and was having so much trouble breathing I decided to shift my flight one, then two more days and recover at the Doubletree Hotel (with its chocolate chip cookies) before heading back. It’s been a rough week for my lungs and I just didn’t feel confident with them until today.

I’m just going to, in the interest of time, throw a bunch of photos up of my holiday times then get back to writing once the dust settles a bit.

Hope you all out there are doing great! xxoo

There are a whole lot more than this but will post when I have more time. We had a great Christmas in Sedona, my brother had a fantastic weekend of concerts with his chorus again then we traveled back to Philly for NYE with our friends Kathy and Bob, had an interesting week in rural PA (where my lungs got , well, they just got not happy) where I made homemade sweet potato biscuits and soups then back to Philly for one more night with Kathy and Bob dining at Buddakan and staying at the beautiful Sofitel for a night.

Happy 2016 Everyone! More to come…

3 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. lovelaw

    Happy 2016!! Wishing you and yours health, happiness, prosperity and even greater love than you feel right now! (though it probably seems impossible) 😉

  2. Hi Molly (Unsinkable),

    I can only wish my picture looked like I was glowing when my lungs were acting up or sick. You look Maaaaahhvalous.

    Your posts usually make me hungry and this one is no exception.

    God Bless you all . . .
    Happy New Year to you too !!

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