Many of you out there who have been reading this blog for a period of time may recall a series of posts I made about a pretty terrifying situation that had befallen my family…again. A sociopath who was preying on my father for over a decade – financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc. I wrote about this here and here.

He caused me so much terror concern that in 2014 I confronted this scary individual, alerting him that I was aware of his exploitation, considered it nothing less than elder abuse and I put him on notice. He had been escalating. It was time to intervene after a decade of monitoring his manipulations and abuse.


His response was so vile, so threatening that I obtained my own legal counsel, discussed restraining orders, consulted my father’s lawyers and money managers and even had a long discussion with an FBI agent about the interstate nature of the extortion possibly going on (he took it so seriously he spoke to me for over a half an hour interviewing me saying it didn’t meet the criteria for extortion but if certain things escalated to call him back).  It was a terrifying time and one I’ve never really felt fully out of of the woods from. As one attorney said to me “they said about Elvis, you can’t save someone from themselves”.


I set about protecting our family estate for my brother and I as best I could yet lived with a slow hum of fear every day in the background. I knew this man was laying in wait and had invested so much for so long that he was going for a piece of the big pie– my father’s rather large estate. It’s been an entirely stressful two years with a written on the wall future. At one point he was attempting to get my father to change his Power of Attorney from me, to him– a person completely not integrated in to our social or family network.

I knew there would be a battle coming –  everyone did – either in my father’s life or death. This man had put a plan in motion and felt my father owed him. Very sick dynamics at play. It forced me over and over again to throw this to the realm of spiritual protection.

Airborne Operations

I found out today that this pathological dangerous man was killed in a freak accident while vacationing in Mexico. He was electrocuted.


It is not lost on me that the men who murdered my sister, also sociopaths, still sit on Death Row/ in prison and this second wave of sociopathy to land in our family received a form of execution.

It is also not lost on me that he received his sentence for his crimes on the birthday of my friend who was the person who broke the silence on his exploitation of my father about 10 years ago. There are so many elements to this story but I keep them silent to protect certain privacies.

There are times in life to feel relieved when a death has occured.


This is one of them.

There is balance. There is protection. There is justice.

Now let the deep breaths of exhalation begin.


13 thoughts on “karma

  1. Penelope

    Good Lord that gave me the chills. I am so sorry you had to deal with such an evil person. I am so glad it is over and in I hate to say such a fitting way. It really seems as if all the evil is behind you now and only love and happiness is ahead. Hugs from your real life Penelope.

  2. Stacy

    OMG! Thank God he is gone and your family can breathe again. Karma. It’s a good thing. Enjoy the freedom his death gives you and your family to just live a good rest of your lives without threat.

  3. I hope that this is it for you learning about evil. You have had so much to process for such a long time. Take good care as you always do! Happy Holidays! Thank you for always sharing what you have learned along the way with the world! Peace

  4. Thank you everyone. I woke up after a restless night feeling almost completely relieved this is, hopefully over. I tossed and turned thinking maybe this was an elaborate hoax as I put nothing past a sociopath and I know what they are capable of. A sudden death in a foreign country etc. But I poked around enough and consulted my psychic husband and I now believe it’s true.
    I now get to see what the rest of our lives will feel like without this constant looming threat. I think it will take a little while to sink in and fully move through me. Until then, I give thanks.

  5. SkinByMax

    I felt the sentences you wrote as I read them- and honestly believe, having met Ted, that an evil has left your world. I hope that you will continue to add to this story as the layers of fear and apprehension unravel and leave you. I can imagine that as being a process but it’s hard to see what what journey might look like for you. Ted was a daunting and formidable force- well beyond what anyone would normally encounter. So I hope you tell that story too- the one that’s about to unfold (now that he’s finally gone).


    Ps Hi Spellbound 🙂

    • Max you of all people know how horrific this was having been up close and personal with this monster. I can’t imagine the freedom that will unfold now that this toxin was removed. Freedom!

  6. Happy to hear it all worked out and evil was once again defeated. It’s wonderful you have a great partner in your life you can put your full trust. I’m happy for you knowing how much you worry about your dad and brother. Hugs!

  7. Marthe, aka~sweetmop

    katiecoolady, I’m sorry you’ve had to live with such fear and evil in your life’s background! But, isn’t it wonderful to live and see Karma do justice!
    Prayers and hugs for you and your family, always.

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