a letter to my husband’s ex-wife



My latest article on Elephant Journal just dropped. This was a risky one to write and send but I’m glad I did. You can read it in full here.

I want to start off this letter with one important note—I am an interloper in this blended family equation and I know it.

Before I came along, you had your rhythms, rules and nuances to your co-parenting style and I’m disrupting it by my very presence.

I understand this so am doing my best to tiptoe in softly.

Although it is my role to help my husband expand to allow me into his life, it is not my role to determine how I will fit into the life of your darling three-year-old daughter. That will come naturally over time and it is my intention to err on the side of gentleness and listening versus bulldozing into this delicate structure.

You see, I grew up as a stepdaughter.

Finish reading here.

3 thoughts on “a letter to my husband’s ex-wife

  1. spellbound4

    KCL, you are amazing. If I were to receive such a thoughtful, heartfelt letter from a new wife/stepmother to my ex/daughter, I would be brought to tears and all my worries would wash away. Excellent and brilliant!!!

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