Thinking of Travis 


 Today would be a perfect day to perform a random act of kindness and maybe you’d offer a slight nod to Travis for the inspiration.

To you, Travis.

10 thoughts on “Thinking of Travis 

  1. IfIMay

    I was confused by your birthday message, but any day is a good day to remember this amazing young man and celebrate his life by being kind and helping your fellow man. Travis lives forever in the lives of those he touched, even after death.

      • IfIMay

        No worries you married lady you! I think it’s awesome to remember Travis on this day and the amazing man he was. Now that the case is settled, we can all just remember Travis as he defined himself in life. 🙂

  2. spellbound4

    Happy Birthday, Travis. I took the time to meet a neighbor today, after many years living just down the road. Fly high, Big Guy.

      • spellbound4

        OMG ….. well, my excuse is a week of migraines, but I still went out of my way today. And we can thank Travis for bringing us all together because of this day those years ago. He has truly made us better, kinder, more sincere.

  3. lovelaw

    Amen. Today should be a day to honor him, and to reflect on not only his life, but also his death. For this is the day his “New Life” began. 💙

  4. Portia

    You have a strong heart, sister. Built from endurance, clearly. I’m so glad you write. I’m so glad you share. I’m so glad that your own life has such depth and heart and seemingly endless compassion. I’m glad you have a good man who loves you and adds what only a good, loving relationship can. Big cyber hug coming your way.

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