always and forever



Greetings from 30,000 feet! The miracle of wifi in the air never ceases to amaze me. How does this happen?

I boarded my connecting flight from Philadelphia to Phoenix after stopping on my brief connection to grab a snack then a bottle of green tea for the plane. I boarded in Zone 2 after standing there congratulating myself for navigating the connection so smoothly (I’m sometimes kind of discombobulated while traveling).

As I took my exit row aisle seat and watched the plane board over half way, I noticed the flight attendant walking toward me with a white wallet “she has a wallet like mine” I thought as she extended her hand which was holding my unique fox wallet as she said “you left this at Annie’s Pretzels”.


How shocking considering I didn’t even know it was missing. I scanned it quickly and clearly nothing was missing–not even one dollar. I then started shaking thinking of the alternative and feeling in awe of this moment of supreme protection.


This feeling is not unlike how I feel about having gotten married to the man of my dreams.  All the way to the airport–an hour drive–John and I reviewed our wedding, our relationship, the miracle of our finding each other at this phase of life. How we both feel we’ve gotten closer and more intimate/connected since we got married those 13 days ago. How our lives have expanded so easily yet so broadly in the short six-plus months since we met. How we knew, both of us knew, how right this whole thing was so early on and how we were unafraid to take the risks we have. In fact it feels so simple and so seamless that not taking those risks feels like a greater risk.


This has been such an amazing and miraculous ride yet at the same time it feels so natural and uncomplicated. If you were to ask me one word to describe our relationship right how, I’d say “easy”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s full of passion and excitement and fun but all in all it’s the easiest relationship I’ve ever had.


We had a total of 2 fights–or arguments–on this trip. One was over salt and the other roast beef. In both cases we were laughing at ourselves within 30 minutes of arguing. But we learned new things about each other both times. And had chances to apply them soon thereafter.

Everything feels just so perfect and secure. I’ve truly never felt this way before–that balance of passion and security/lovers and friendship.


I sit here smiling at my good fortune and haven’t even touched on the extenuating gifts of his three children who are all special and unique and bring their own blessings to my life.

Thank you all out there for offering your love and support and most of all, for believing in me. This was the biggest gap in my life but it was a Grand Canyon that covered over two decades. And I must have done something right because this is beyond all my wildest dreams.


Some gifts sent to us from one of the generous and creative readers out there who MADE these wonderful things–note the tears in the eyes of my husband as he held up the tiny apron for little Lillian:

love love1 love2 love3

Yet year after year I kept putting love on my treasure map so I kept believing against all visible odds.

And that’s really all I know for sure about how the miracle of this love found me.


Signing off as we’re hitting turbulence now.

Sending love down from this plane as we glide, bumps and all, over the bulk of the country.


6 thoughts on “always and forever

  1. sharon

    Dear Kathy,
    I am so happy for you and John. Don’t give a second thought for knowing him only a brief time before marrying him. I did the same thing thirty years ago and he is still my best friend/lover/confidant/sweetest man on earth! So follow your dreams and don’t let anyone stand in your way. Reading about your wonderful story just makes my day. God bless you.

    • thank you Sharon! By and large people have been really happy for us. Yet, as you know, when you KNOW it’s the right thing, other people’s opinions don’t really matter much. It’s wonderful to share the love’s been such a long time coming. ❤

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