My Elephant Journal article has gone LIVE!

Please take a look–it’s called Dating a Smaller (than you) Man

Read here

I’m so psyched!  They even asked me for more in the future.

Grinning ear to ear over here.


4 thoughts on “published!

  1. spellbound4

    Well, I do believe Mr. John David has met his match! In my eyes I believed him to be 6′ tall. Now if I were to go for the shorter guy, he would have to be 4’8″ — instead I opted for the younger man. 😉 Congratulations again, love birds. Life is going to be very exciting, indeed. Coolness!

    Great piece, KatieCoo. I just know you are going to be a great published author. Which reminds me — When your book is getting close to being published, I hope you let us know how we can preorder it.

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