rev up your sleighs!



Twas the Night before the concert and Stage Sister can’t sleep.

Yes the first of the three holiday concerts my brother will be singing in is tomorrow night!  Wow, that came fast didn’t it?  From his big audition/acceptance last summer to….gulp…now!


Naughty, Nice, Sugar and Spice…how fun, right?

Alfonse and I had a Brother/Sister banquet today starting at a men’s clothing store where I bought him a new outfit for the concerts–a cranberry dress shirt, crisp black dress pants and a new black belt.  This will be the second outfit he’ll be wearing because he will also be wearing a tuxedo in the concert!


He’s been rehearsing most days this week and when not with the chorus, he’s intensely studying the music.  He’s had to memorize 8 songs and 4 more will be sung with their notebooks–one is in Italian (he called it “The Prayer”).  He reminded me today of his learning disability and how hard it is for him to memorize but dangit, he’s doing it.  None of us have any excuses for anything do we?


How excited are we all?  Many friends are coming along.  Tomorrow night Cathy Hughes has invited Dad and I to dinner before the concert and she will go with us.  My friend Amy will meet us there with her little daughters.  Rob and Sean come down Sat from Sedona and Mya will go with us…and I will be cooking/serving dinner beforehand. Another friend joins us at the Sunday show.

How lucky are we to have all these friends supporting us?


After our shopping excursion, Alfonse and I went to an empanada restaurant for lunch.  It was my second time there in two days (ok truth be told I left my credit card there the other night so had to go back and retrieve it).  I had the most delicious Verde Sopa chicken soup that I hope to replicate for my dinner party Sat. night.


After lunch, Alfonse said he wanted to go for my mani/pedi with me.  He got a pedicure and I got both–white sparkly nails.  It’s holiday time!


And love is in the air all around me.  ❤

I hope love is finding it’s way in to your hearts and minds and if you think of it, please send a good thought my dear brother’s way tomorrow night (Friday the 12th) at 8pm AZ time.  Or maybe some to me too as I’m completely sure I’m more nervous than he is (shhhhh don’t tell him).


The time is here!  The time is now!  It’s time to live the life we were all born to live.

I’m embracing it all and I hope you feel even a little bit of it through my words here.

I love you all.


Oh, wait, a little PS.  For those of you reading who “met” me via the Arias trial, I got together last night with Katie Wick.  It’s hard to imagine it had been a year since we’d seen each other. We’ve been in touch but a year since we actually saw each other.  It was a totally fun night catching up.  She is fully involved in law school and on track to become a prosecutor, lives downtown near the courthouse (how odd right?) and is doing great.  We were so happy to be together as evidenced in these pics.


I met Katie the very first day of the trial and who knew this friendship would stick like it has?  She’s the best thing that has emerged from that trial experience and it was so wonderful to reflect on all that offered us, setting us on our own trajectories.  She, in law school, an idea she’d all but abandoned then inspired again by the trial.  Me, ready to head off to write my memoir also inspired by the trial experience.  I think Travis Alexander would be proud we were so affected by his life and we are living a legacy he would be proud of.  I believe so anyway.

I’m fighting the good fight on Twitter with some issues related to the trial for the duration so you might want to check me out there.  I’m gaining some momentum so the hows might not be evident right now but I’m determined to kick as many pebbles as I can hoping for an avalanche of change for some issues that directly relate to crime victims.  I’m a force to be reckoned with so have decided to use my God given bossy  powerful voice for good.  I’ll keep ya posted.


8 thoughts on “rev up your sleighs!

  1. Hi our precious Kathy,

    I dreamed about you today as I was waking up. All I remember is that I was telling you how wonderful you are and how proud I’ve always been to follow your blog. I also follow on twitter. You’re efforts aren’t lost on me. You’re voice is not at all ‘bossy’. You just take after ‘THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN’!!

    I’m so glad you keep us up to date on Katie Wick. Travis is very proud of both of you and humbled that he was the catalyst (no I’m not psychic, I just know the man he was in life). What a fabulous addition she will make to the prosecution on any of her future cases.

    Oh Kathy, that Al and I lived closer to AZ. We would be sitting somewhere in the audience enjoying every single song. Alfonse, you have so much to be proud of. Thank you for sharing your gift of song and talent. Kathy, thank you for bringing everything to life through your blog.

    You’re like a fine crystal with many facets shining for all the would to see.
    Christmas Blessings from WI

    Paula (Soulsad) and Alan

    • Paula, that just made my heart sing! I wish you lived closer too but rest assured I will be taking photos and video tonite, and tomorrow and Sunday and plastering them everywhere. lol You are so sweet for all you said here and I appreciate you dearly. Lots of love dear Paula.

  2. spellbound4

    Oh my gosh, I can barely believe the time is here for THE concert! I am beyond proud of our Alfonse, and I know he will be fabulous. You go, Alfonse!! Looking sharp there, guy. Love the cranberry color on you! I can’t wait to see pics.

    Kathy, so many changes and growth this year, I don’t know where I should begin. You have surely expended a lot of energy, in all the right ways. I am happy you are putting yourself ahead of the pack (most of the time 😇) and doing much of what makes you happy and really speaks to your heart. You are an amazing and inspiring beautiful woman.

    So nice of you to share Katie Wick’s visit. I know she will be a great lawyer.

    I was thinking of your new puppy recently. She/he will be one lucky addition. Oh, the stories you will share then.

    Have a blessed and prideful weekend. Wish I could be there. Here is one baby-step that turned into a marathon. John has found a purpose where he excels!! Cannot be prouder of you and your brother.

    Love is in the air!!! Happiest Holiday Season to you and all your loved ones ….. and to your buds who follow you here. 🎄🎅🎄

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