beauty day


Greetings from cool cloudy Sedona!  I drove up last evening and arrived to fireplace weather…finally.

2014-11-14 15.08.35

I slipped in to my jammies, got the flames going and red wine poured then scared myself in to insomnia with about four Walking Dead episodes back to back. 💀👽👻

I came up to among other things, get my hair done.  Eduardo nailed it with caramel lowlights and chunky highlights like I wanted.  I love it.


2014-11-14 15.05.18

I showed up rawfaced as I’d forgotten my makeup so popped in to Walgreen’s after to just create a set to just leave here. The Boots rep was there so offered me a free makeover and I bought 5 things from her including green eye pencil that I have to say she also nailed. It’s good to get second opinions on yourself sometimes.


I texted my friend Sean to see if he wanted to hangout this weekend and he suggested we go see  the movie Interstellar.  Which is a great deal for me as Sean is a serious astronomy buff with a backyard observatory.


I wasn’t even kidding.

After all that I landed at my favorite lunch with a view place and a half glass of fume blanc and their famous Cobb salad- famous at least to my friend Mya and I.


2014-11-14 15.08.14

It’s cold but refreshing as I sit out here and write this.  I just got a call from a local flower shop saying I have a delivery.


What? Who? Why?


Stay tuned…I’ll letcha know as soon as I do.


In the meantime, bacon.







8 thoughts on “beauty day

  1. Lilibet

    Your hair and makeup look beautiful! Every time we pass through Sedona on the way to see friends in Phoenix, we want to move there! What is your favorite restaurant with a view, so we can try it next time? We’ve been to Wildflower, but I don’t think that’s where you are. Yum.

  2. Thanks guys! It was a great day…omg that movie blew my freaking mind. I”ll post the answer to the flower mystery in the morning when I can get a good pic. For now I’m gonna do my best to ground myself after being in outerspace for 3 hours. 😀 Lilibet the restaurant is called Soundbites and it’s right next to Wildflower. It’s kind of a sleeper cuz the name sounds like a karaoke bar but it has amazing fresh locavore food and the best Cobb salad you’ll ever eat. And that view ! Also a nice wine list if you’re in to that. It’s my favorite new place esp for lunch. 😀

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