I’ve been unexpectedly doing a lot of writing down here at the Ranch this week.  Words and memories have been flowing as I’ve stayed inside more building cozy fires and gazing at the mountain from my patio.


I’m carrying my journal everywhere so I can capture things as they are flowing.  This morning I sat outside by a fountain alone for breakfast and as I was writing this paragraph, one of the dance teachers approached me asking if she could snap my photo.  “With the lighting hitting you and your scarf flowing behind, you looked like an angel” she said. Interesting these are the words I had just written as she approached me.

We forged ahead methodically to East Lawn Cemetary where our mother would be buried along side the pre purchased plots for her still living parents.  Flanking what would become the grave of her first born wailing 7 year old daughter, twenty three years later.

I think maybe Rachel the Dance with Soul teacher did see an angel.  Or two.



3 thoughts on “angels

  1. Kat

    Good for you carrying your journal around everywhere with you. Did you know that Agatha Christie had notebooks in all her rooms for her thoughts? Though that unorganized method did tend to be a problem for her (lol). Her notebooks were uncovered not too long ago. Nature provides an excellent environment for creative thinking. Take Care and continue to Enjoy.

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