The conclusion that I’ve drawn after this amazing day of early birthday celebrating is this:  the finest way for me to make a contribution to helping others in this lifetime is to hitch myself to my own rocket and blast off on my own trajectory into the shining sky of stars.  Life my best life in the words of Oprah.  Or be the change I wish to see in the world in the words of the Mahatma Ghandi.  If I can deserve this life, with all the rough waters and heavy currents I’ve had to navigate, anyone can find a way to shine.

Here are some fun photos from my beautiful, meaningful day today.




Delicious crepe bar food including so many food gifts the chef sent out..like these bite sized table side s’mores with rose flavored marshmallows.  Mmmm




Isn’t that dandelion sphere amazing?  One of my clients showed up with it and made that darling card to go with it.  We all oooohed and ahhhhed when I opened it.  Thank you Pam!  How cool!  I got many other gifts too but no pics of them- a darling scarf, a blinged out car freshener, shoot I’ll have to go look for the others but most of all, the beautiful company of my dear friends!  I just love this tradition!

My friend Katrina joined in the crepe and mimosa celebration with her darling son Drake all the way from CA.  How unexpected and such a special surprise.  We are all connected.




Alfonse and my dad took me to dinner at our favorite Scandinavian restaurant Beaver Choice and the owner gifted me her signature Beaver Supreme dessert.  👑

Just a wonderful day and I am filled to the brim with love and everything that shines.

Sending some of that to the Alexander family who have been on my mind all day after having given victim impact statements.  Just sending love.

7 thoughts on “radiance

  1. Kat

    Happy early B!!! So happy for you. Hope u do not mind if I say I like your gorgeous blond hair longer. I too send uplifting thoughts via you to the Alexander family. Thank you.

  2. spellbound4

    So glad you had a wonderful day filled with love and celebration. You have more than earned your share of happiness. Glow, lady!

  3. lovelaw

    Enjoy EVERY moment, and EVERY bite!!!

    That “Beaver Supreme” is something!! Do you get a t-shirt if you finish it!? 😉

    Have a joyous, beautiful, happy, birthday! 💗🎂☺

    • haha! It looks more challenging than it really is because those layers are basically air filled meringue..but we shared it 3 ways and did not finish it! I still have half my dinner in the frig..for lunch! Hey, why am I sitting here right now with that waiting for me? Hi Love.

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