Please indulge me as I write another love letter to my 2015 Treasure Map.  ( and also here.)  I don’t think I’ve ever created a board with as my unbridled power as this one.

After writing this post yesterday about manifesting a long held dream, I decided to take a gander at my Map again this morning.


Now this is my current 2015 board overlaid on the one I made about five years ago which explains the odd edges (that I love).  I just wasn’t ready to let go of that older one yet.

I’ll just share some specifics that jumped out and grabbed me this morning. You see, I rarely dissect this thing, rather than just let it work on me in total as I just glance over from time to time in a diffuse sort of way.  I’m more interested in how it embeds itself deep in to my psyche vs. how I’m the one using it.  I prefer it uses me.

Here are some dreams I declared in January 2014, which are well on their way to coming true January of next year.  But note, how I’m high riding this flying magic carpet right now to secure this plan. In fact, today I’m sending in my deposit for just over three weeks in Edmonds starting Jan. 19, 2015.


Please just take in this imagery and know, if you can dream it, and let it go, it can come and grab you when you least expect it.  This is the magical process of this kind of goal setting.  You let it work on you vs. toiling away at your dreams directly.  Note:  some of these pictures are no bigger than a postage stamp.  Still packing a powerful punch to the unconscious.






i even have this haircut right now


And my personal favorite:


Now compare this image to the view from the studio I’ll be in – she even has coffee!  haha



It’s blasting off now.  I’m telling you, if I’m not making the case for Treasure Mapping, I don’t know who is.

Let’s face it, what I’m going to toss myself in to with wild abandon is not a pleasant subject by any means–it’s revisiting the most painful events of my life–or in some cases it’s happy memories which, in their own way, are excruciating to even consider revisiting.  You see it’s the happiest ones that remind you of what you’ve lost.  I think the Universe is conspiring with all of this beautiful serendipity to make the process somehow easier for me.   Or to offer a hand so captivating that I can’t resist it.  An irresistible magnet.  That’s where the juice in life is, I believe.



Now I gotta git to go lift some weights–can’t ignore my weight lifter girl in the center. 😉


Maybe we can all make a Treasure Map together in 2015. I mean cyberly. I can help guide you through the process.

Who’s in?

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