seattle bound (again)



Sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately.  I’ve been doing this 10 day cleanse which has been kicking my ass challenging and making me kind of go more inside than I usually do.  But I’m glad I did it.  I do believe it is making big changes and will have a profound impact on my health.  It’s just not been an easy one for me. I feel better today, on Day 9 than I have through the entire deal though.


I had a great last weekend in Sedona–went to a dance class with one of my oldest and dearest friends Wendy in Flagstaff.  Some combination of the cleanse and high altitude had me stepping out frequently to catch my breath.  I could definitely tell my body was going through something.   I travel tomorrow which is Day 10 so I’m not exactly sure right now how I’m gonna handle that.  I may do a kind of half day.

I’m so psyched about heading up to Seattle again tomorrow..yay!  That place has some kind of magical draw for me.  I remember all the wonderful things I did last year and all the great people I met along the way and just smile. I have plans to meet up with at least two of them.  I’m gonna try to hit that Grande Dame again but at NIGHT…spooky!  Pushin the envelope. 😉


I’ve spent this week doing some planning–got a ticket to a play, made Sat. dinner plans with a friend up there, found this literary theatre company I’m going to do my best to get to, gonna take a road trip up to Whidbey Island going on THREE ferries, landing in Port Townsend where I will spend the night in a haunted hotel that used to be a brothel.  I hope to kayak over there too–the weather claims to be rain free and cool!  Perfect even if it is cloudy. I just love that cloudy mystique up there.


I’m packing light as I’m staying in an airbnb guest cottage that has it’s own laundry…score!  I want to do most of my Christmas shopping while I’m there as I’ll be in all kinds of cute shopping locales.

Wish me luck on the writing contest I entered–I’ll find out Sat. morning at the conference if I placed.  😉  It would be a little feather in my cap yet I’m glad I just went through the process of entering at all.  I learned a lot about editing my wordy self!


my room has a view of the Sound

I intend to embrace every single second of this trip in every possible way as it will be one of two of my last solo free-wandering trips before I get “tied down” with my puppy!  Which has me so excited I think about it daily, all day long basically. 😉 I’m so ready for my wonderful life to get even more wonderful with this little addition.

I have so much support and energy around this which is also telling me I’m making a very correct decision–3 friends have offered to throw me a “puppy shower”, FIVE friends (and my Dad) have offered to drive with me to CA to pick him up in Jan. and so many people are just expressing so much excitement for me.  I don’t tend to get this kind of “can I help you?” energy around me as I tend to sort of manage things on my own so this is a very very good sign that my life is changing in a good way.  And I’m soaking it all up!


Finally, I’m aware that the Jodi Arias sentencing retrial started this week and I won’t be attending this time around.  I feel like I offered a great deal of myself the during the five month main trial, my presence isn’t necessary and where I’m really needed is in my own life–taking care of myself, my own family and trippin the light fantastic living a life that would make my sister happy for me.  I know where I belong and am stepping right in to it.  I wish the Alexanders the very best in getting through this and hopefully this phase will move swiftly and they can start to move on past this lengthy court battle soon.

Phoenix Metropolitan Men's Chorus

Oh and one last thing!  Alfonse has attended two rehearsals now and is doing well I think!  I don’t know if I mentioned that, miraculously, my friend Linda knows the person that is the head of the Baritone section which he will be singing in (meaning his direct leader) and he is a Special Education teacher.  Could it be any more perfect?  Someone who is already sensitive to people with special needs.  I’m still pinching myself that he even got in.  He’s doing well, seeing a Psychiatric Naturopath now who will be another great support person on his team and allows me to step back and relax a bit.  I think it’s been over a year now that he’s been hospitalized which is a big big deal in our world.  So, all is well there.  🙂


I will probably pop in with some photos from my trip so stay tuned but my writing is gonna be more by hand in my journal.  I want to drop in to the world of experiencing and I guarantee will love every minute of it.







11 thoughts on “seattle bound (again)

  1. spellbound4

    Sorry the cleanse has been such a challenge, but this is one of your best posts. Lots of positives here, my dear. I am thrilled that you are finally putting yourself and your own needs and DESIRES first! I am psyched about your coming puppy and hope you are prepared for all the “oops” moments — have plenty of wipes and carpet spot cleaner handy (vinegar rinse is excellent for puppy spots).

    [A little side post if you would please pass it on to your brother:
    Alfonse, Kathy posted the best pic of you today! You look absolutely adorable. Your new life seems to be agreeing well. Grab ahold for the ride and have a blast, Alfonse. I am so excited to hear about your very first performance. With that voice you will do great!]

    Good luck with the writing contest. Have the time of your life in Seattle! That haunted hotel/brothel is intriquing!

    Very happy for you, Kathy. 🍹

  2. I hope you have a Great trip. Hopefully this will give you the down time you were looking for. Let me know if you need anything and Enjoy getting in touch with yourself 🙂
    Check out the underground tour if you get a chance. Very well worth the experience. Enjoy my friend!

  3. Kiminnm

    Good for you on the cleanse!! Bravo!! Look forward to hearing about your journey and especially love a good ghost story!!! Kudos to Alfonse ! He looks great and glad the universe is blessing you rt now with all these great opportunities! Takes a lot to enter a contest!! Kudos to you and can’t wait to see your sweet little baby soon…it won’t be long!mmmany contued blessings!

  4. Cyndi Platfoot

    Have a wonderful time! Enjoy being able to see all these fascinating places!
    So glad to hear about John and how the right support is finally coming his way! You have been the driving force in getting those people in his life!
    I can understand wanting to step back from the JA penalty trial. I hope the family gets what they need but as you well know it won’t ever be over for them.
    Can’t wait to see your pix. Safe travels!!

  5. pilcherje

    It’s Sat. morning – 0’dark near 30. Thrilled about the contest – awaiting the news! And puppy? Puppy?? Is that a photo of The Puppy breed you’ll be getting? I gasped and awed! Too cute those eyes! And John, he does look really good and happy! I’m happy for him, this too is very exciting. It’s raining men in that photo you know…wow. Why yes, photos, lots of photos and stories to tell, like bumps in the night and tugs on the sheet at your feet and the smell of stale perfume – moan(s) tap tap. I feel a song coming on….. 😉 There will be much fun to be had Bwwwaaahhaaaa ❤

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