day off


Where did this day go?  I love puttering and puttering I did today.  All day.

Took a few photos of some embellishments I made to the outside of the house this trip.  Yes I moved ADT yesterday. 😉

wpid-20140825_081649.jpg wpid-20140825_081554.jpg wpid-20140825_081702.jpg wpid-20140825_081618.jpg wpid-20140825_081745.jpg


  I completed a story that I’m entering in a writing contest and am putting the final touches on it to mail out tomorrow (it’s derivative from a blog post here).

I designed a business card for the blog to take with me to the writing conference in October (which is hosting the contest I’m submitting to). 



And, fyi, I changed the domain name for this site (took me long enough) to

Now I’m all about stretching out on my hammock for a few before popping in on the Emmy’s.


Hope you all out there had a great Monday as well.

Oh and hoping Breaking Bad (Aaron Paul) and House of Cards clean up at the Emmy’s tonite!  Also True Detective.

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